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Modern, Accessible Yoga

Rocket, Hatha, Flow, Hot Power Flow, HIIT & Yin

In-Studio Yoga Classes

Modern, accessible yoga classes designed to build you into a Warrior of life while having a lot of fun.

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Livestream Yoga Classes

Daily livestream classes with expert teachers who can see and interact with you live.

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On-Demand Yoga Classes

Exclusive library of 200+ pre-recorded classes in a variety of styles and lengths that you can access any time.

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Our Instructors 

Our Yoga Classes

Hatha/Alignment Yoga
These classes focus on muscle engagement and strong alignment to challenge you in new ways. There is no flow between poses, making these classes extremely accessible. Leave strong, knowledgeable and aligned.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
These moderately paced classes focus on having each posture cued around the breath, stringing postures together seamlessly. A variety of poses explored, offering mindful, total body movement.
Rocket Yoga
Based in Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga is a set of four sequences that are practiced throughout week. The same poses are revisited so you can get stronger and more fluid. Challenging, playful and nurturing.
Power Yoga
Our power yoga turn up the volume as you explore sun salutations, standing poses, backbends, twists, inversions and arm balances. Expect to sweat, be challenged and grow in your practice.
Yin & Restorative
Yin Yoga offers a deep stretch in a relaxing candlelight atmosphere. While Restorative uses props to achieve a goal of no muscle activation and total relaxation. Both great ways to hit pause.
HIIT & Core
Our HIIT classes utilize Tabata principles to increase your heart rate, strengthen muscle groups and complement your yoga practice. Our Core classes focus on your core & back to strengthen and stretch.

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