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Rocket, Hatha, Flow, Hot Power Flow, Restorative & Yin

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Our Yoga Classes

Hatha/Alignment Yoga
These classes focus on muscle engagement and strong alignment to challenge you in new ways. There is no flow between poses, making these classes extremely accessible. Leave strong, knowledgeable and aligned.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
These moderately paced classes focus on having each posture cued around the breath, stringing postures together seamlessly. A variety of poses explored, offering mindful, total body movement.
Rocket Yoga
Based in Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga is a set of four sequences that are practiced throughout week. The same poses are revisited so you can get stronger and more fluid. Challenging, playful and nurturing.
Hot Power Yoga
Our power yoga turn up the volume (and the heat) as you explore sun salutations, standing poses, backbends, twists, inversions and arm balances. Expect to sweat, be challenged and grow in your practice.
Yin & Restorative
Yin Yoga offers a deep stretch in a relaxing candlelight atmosphere. While Restorative uses props to achieve a goal of no muscle activation and total relaxation. Both great ways to hit pause.
This yoga-inspired HIIT (high intensity interval training) class utilizes Tabata principles to increase your heart rate, strengthen muscle groups and complement your yoga practice. This class is taught mindfully with stages for all levels.

Our Yoga Studios

M3Yoga Studio

149 Oneta Street Suite 6E2
The majority of our classes are held at this 2,400 square-foot studio

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M3Yoga Center at the Tree Room

159 Oneta Street Unit 5 Suite #50
Our more intimate classes are held at this unique studio space

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Our Instructors 

Why M3Yoga

Most yoga classes
With more than 60 weekly classes, M3Yoga has the largest yoga class offerings in Athens. That way, you don't have to adjust your schedule just to make it to class. We also have the most variety of yoga, because your practice shouldn't ever feel stale.
Flexible memberships
Our memberships have no long-term commitment and can be canceled or paused easily. We also offer two levels of memberships so you're only paying for the amount of yoga classes you actually attend. Plus we have discounts for students, educators and Community Warriors!
Two, unique studios
Tucked in the Chase Park Warehouses, our main studio has a clean, modern feel in an industrial setting, while our Center at The Tree Room feels intimate with giant windows overlooking the famous Athens Tree Room.
Welcoming, inclusive atmosphere
M3Yoga is a safe, accessible space for everyone. Our mission is yoga for EVERY body, and we are community of all skill levels, backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, genders, fitness levels, and orientations.
M3 Rewards Program
Our Rewards Program with Perkville tracks gives you points for coming to class, signing up online, taking workshops, referring friends, even for just having a birthday. Then redeem your points for Journey Juice, M3 shirts or even a free month!
Fun environment
One core value that separates us from other yoga studios is Playfulness. We believe in the power of humor and fun in a movement practice. It's not unusual for a teacher crack a joke in class or to hear laughter in the practice space. It's all part of our yoga.

Upcoming Events

A Busy Person's Yoga Retreat
Kate will guide students in exploring the Tantric Hatha yoga philosophy, Swami Kripalu’s influence of loving oneself, and how these ancient tools can be applied to our modern everyday lives.
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Low Back and Hip Release
Myofasical Release (MFR) is a method of using various props to facilitate a deep release in the tissues of the body. In this workshop we will work systematically through the body to earn a greater understanding of what is happening and find new ranges of release and mobility. This workshop will focus on the structures around the low back, IT Band and hips. Great for students, athletes and office workers and people with low back and hip discomfort.
Flow & Craft
Come out to support local non-profit Love.Craft Athens, a job skills training program for adults with disabilities. After an empowering class taught by one of Love.Craft's founder's and M3 instructor, Susan, you'll get to craft a small clay pendant that can be used as an essential oil diffuser!
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Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
Held one Saturday and Sunday a month (with a monthly remote Zoom call) completion of this training will certify you to teach both Vinyasa and Hatha style classes. Learn yoga anatomy from a registered nurse and teaching techniques from a doctor of educational psychology.
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