10 M3 Moments from 2018

2018 has been a wild year for M3Yoga. We’ve made so many new friends and been through a lot as a community. From rapid growth to personal growth. Here are 10 memorable moments from this year (there we so many good moments, we had to limit it to 10!).

Sober Stretch
Partnering with the University of Georgia for National Recovery Month, this flow on Herty Field had a magical feel. Not only was it a fun flow, it was in a beautiful place with perfect September weather.

Flow Into Spring
Yoga in the Tree Room is always fun, but this event was the perfect way to kick off the season of change and growth.

Voted a Flagpole Favorite & Athens Best Yoga Studio
Y’all humbled us not once, but twice by voting for us in local publication polls. We were named a Flagpole Favorite in late winter and then voted Athens Best Yoga Studio in the Red & Black in December. We are so, so happy that there is so much love for M3Yoga in our community and that this happened. Your support in voting honestly touched our hearts. Thank you.

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training
Launching our advanced yoga teacher training has been a wonderful journey. Helping yoga teachers further their craft with unique training modules (open to non-teachers) has been amazing on so many levels. Plus it’s been fun to hear our Warriors talk about noticing changes in our teachers who are taking the training.

Rainbow Flow
Working with Athens Pride, our Rainbow Flow not only encouraged our Warriors to embrace who you are, but it also raised more than $500 for the local nonprofit.

International Day of Yoga
We loved working with some of the other yoga studios in Athens for this day of free yoga at the Classic Center pavilion. It was so awesome to see the local yoga community come together with one purpose: offering yoga to anyone.

Athens Night Out
Condor Chocolates, Maepole and M3Yoga. What a powerful trio! This amazing flow class was followed by equally great food and then exclusive tours of the chocolate factory that’s right in the Chase Park Warehouse.

Black Friday Anti-sale
Why go shopping when you can do yoga? We loved seeing friends, families and regular M3 Warriors come together to practice in one of our 11 free classes.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Our Yoga Foundations teacher training kicked off in August, with a cohort of 20 passionate yogis looking to deepen their practice and give back by teaching. We can’t wait to see them graduate in March and to launch our second training that same month! You’re about to get a whole new group of amazing yoga instructors, Athens.

New Studio Opened!
Easily the biggest change for our community this year was the launching of our 2,400 square foot new studio in the Chase Park Warehouse. This new space allows us to get up to 50 yogis in the practice space. We also added some far infrared heating panels for our new warm and hot classes. We love our new home, and are glad we still have the Tree Room studio so we can have classes running simultaneously.  

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