10 Things to Know About M3Yoga

m3yoga instructors
  1. We started small

M3Yoga started out small with one class a day in the studio next door. Back then, Nick Combs, the owner, was the only teacher and he taught that class and had private yoga lessons. Nick got invited by a friend to view our current space when it became available for lease. “As soon as I saw it, I knew I was supposed to be there,” Nick said. The rest is history.

  1. We are for EVERY body

Our core motto here is that M3Yoga is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome and feels safe and supported. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, all classes are modified for each individual.

  1. We are owned by a registered nurse

What better person to trust your yoga journey with than our owner Nick, who is a registered nurse? He has worked under top professionals at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and spent years helping people heal with medicine, now he helps them heal with yoga.

  1. We have the best memberships in Athens

We offer several pricing specials, including yoga for just $1 a day for 30 or 40 days for newcomers! If you are a student, you’re in luck because we offer student discounts as well. For our community warriors— educators, healthcare professionals, social workers, active military, local small business owners, law enforcement and firefighters—we offer a reduced rate for monthly memberships. All our memberships are no contract and don’t have fees too!

  1. We have two eclectic and diverse locations

Our studios are located in an unbelievable space in the Chase Park Warehouses, with one overlooking the famous Athens Tree Room and another in a converted warehouse space with amazing natural light. Most of the physical studios are made of repurposed material from the original building as well as some custom enhancements. We are also the only studio to offer double decker yoga, so you can practice on our main level or in the lofted space that’s part of our smart studio.

  1. We have the most classes and teachers in town

From starting with only one class a day and one teacher six months ago, we now have 50 classes with 16 different teachers, which is the most a yoga studio has to offer in Athens. This is so that you can always find a class time attend in your busy life. We also provide the most diverse and accessible yoga in Athens, so that anyone can find something for them at M3Yoga.

  1. We are committed to giving back

We give back by holding donation classes that go to good causes or yoga scholarships. We funnel 20% of our retail revenue into a fund that provides yoga scholarships to local Athenians. In just six months, we were able raise enough to award someone with free yoga for a whole year! We also hold many special events and donate 100% of proceeds to charities like The Cottage, Project Safe and Bigger Vision Homeless Shelter. We believe in the power of our community and that businesses can and SHOULD do good for their area.

  1. We have unique classes

M3Yoga is the only studio in Athens to offer extensive therapeutic yoga, Ashtanga, and Rocket Yoga. The three certified Rocket Yoga teachers in Northeast Georgia all teach at our studio! We also have exclusive classes like Glow Flow (blacklight yoga) and Power Women (women-only yoga).

  1. We stand for 5 key values

M3Yoga was built on five key values: inclusivity, playfulness/humor, being helpful/client-centered, community, and intelligent movement. We believe in intelligent movement not just for the sake of the movement, but so that we help you understand the why of each pose you do in yoga. We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome here at the studio. We’re more than a studio, we’re a family.

  1. We have diverse, experienced instructors

Our instructors are not only certified in yoga, but we also have a social worker, several graduate students, a ROLFer, a former elementary school teacher, and, of course, our owner Nick is a registered nurse.