In-Person/Virtual Yoga Teacher Training

Starts January 2021

Yoga teacher training can totally transform your life and your yoga practice. Whether you want to teach in a studio or just have the knowledge of a teacher, our Yoga Alliance certified training is perfect for you and your goals.

Learn to teach modern, accessible yoga in a fun, supportive environment.

Unleash Your Inner Teacher

In-Person/Virtual Yoga Teacher Training Athens, GA • Starts January 2021
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Training Topics

Smart Sequencing & Intelligent Cueing

Learn how to structure a class and how to effectively take students through it using verbal cueing and intentional space holding.

Asana & Pose Breakdowns

Learn anatomical and pose type (twists, standing, forward folds, etc) as they’re broken down into terms you can understand and how to use them to safely guide students.

Human Anatomy & Safe Modifications

Explore how to modify and adjust based on different bodies and physical limitations and learn WHY you are doing it.

Teaching Voice & Styles

Discover how to hold space. This is the M3Yoga difference. You will be able to create an experience for your students as opposed to “just another class.” 

Yoga History & Philosophy 

Dive into the history of yoga through studying texts like the Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras and the different philosophical approaches, i.e. vedanta, sankhya, etc.

Pranayama & Meditation

Find out how to teach pranayama on its own and also how to incorporate pranayama into your classes.

Other topics covered

Yoga ethics
Marketing yourself as a teacher
Yoga as a business/career
Student retention
Clear communication skills
Receiving and giving useful feedback
And more!

Athens's Premier Yoga Training
In the last 3 years, more yogis have chosen to train at M3Yoga than anywhere else in Northeast Georgia. We've graduated more than 55 teachers since 2017 and have two cohorts currently in training. Our training is modern, accessible and, more importantly, tailored to our students and their goals.
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Meet the Trainers

Nick Combs

LEAD TRAINER • Nick is the founder of M3Yoga and Director of The M3Yoga Center Yoga Teacher Training program. Nick draws much of his inspiration in moving the body from his 11 years as a nurse, where he started his career at Johns Hopkins hospital training with some of the top medical professionals in the world. As a trainer, Nick focuses on anatomy and biomechanics and how they relate to modern yoga practices. He believes yoga trainings should ultimately produce great yoga teachers who intelligently know how to move people's bodies and understand where this practice has come from.

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Kate Guthrie

LEAD TRAINER • Kate originally came to yoga in college in efforts to help reconnect to her body after battling disordered eating. With pranayama and asana, yoga provided a space for her to discover wholeness and appreciation for her body. As a trainer, Kate encourages trainees to dive deeper into the path of yoga. She meets trainees where they are, challenges them to explore their own unique strengths, and guides them to find their own unique voices as beginner teachers.

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Sarah Beam

ASSISTANT TRAINER • Sarah first experienced the life-affirming properties of yoga in 1999 and began practicing regularly in 2007 when she blissfully noticed that the asana practice was clearing away the sluggish remnants of postpartum blues. She believes mindful movement and attention to the breath can focus the mind, open the heart, strengthen the body, encourage self-acceptance, inspire nutritive eating habits, and improve the overall quality of life.

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SAVE $300!

Sign up early (spots 1-5) and get $300 off!!
Enrollees 6-10 get $150 off too.

All remaining spots are at full price.
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Frequently Asked Questions

For maximum flexibility, training is held 2 weekends a month (in person or virtual; your choice!) and 2 Wednesday evenings per month via Zoom.

In-Person or Virtual Weekends (8am to 5pm)
Jan. 9-10, Jan. 30-31
Feb. 6-7, Feb. 27-28
March 13-14, 27-28

Virtual Zoom Meetings (5-8pm)
Jan. 13 & 27
Feb. 10 & 17
March 3 & 24

That’s up to you! Our weekend modules are held in person, with an option to attend virtually (it’ll be like you’re in the room with us!).

The twice monthly evening meetings are held virtually via Zoom.

The training is designed to be as accessible as possible no matter what life is throwing your way.

The virtual weekend modules will be livestreamed with a moderator. All virtual sessions will be recorded as well.

Total Investment: $2,750 (Be one of the first 5 to sign up to save $300!)

Monthly payments can be arranged. An initial, nonrefundable $500 deposit secures your spot.

The cost of the training covers training materials (minus reading materials), venue costs and instructors time.

Three scholarship spots are reserved for BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ students. If you’re interested in a scholarship, reach out to us at

Yes! You certainly can pay all at once, but we also let you split up the payments. We can work with you to make it a more manageable amount each month. This allows you to still sign up for the training without the stress of paying for it immediately upfront.

Have a specific payment plan question? Email us at

Our trainees have a list of readings that will help deepen their training and practices. These books can be purchased or you can borrow them using the library system to request copies.

Yes, we will be recording everything. We allow a weekend or session to be missed. We strongly encourage you attend as many as you can. The more present you are in the training, the more prepared you will feel at the end.

Because Yoga Alliance mandates a certain number of contact hours, you will be responsible for making up any time missed and doing any make up assignments necessary to meet that requirement. Our trainers will still have to evaluate you as a teacher, even if you have to watch a recorded missed session.

On top of our flexible format making the training accessible to students, those who work, or those with families, the 200 hour training also was designed and is led by a registered nurse and yoga teacher as well as a doctor of educational psychology. That means you’re taught about the body by someone who professionally healed it and learning to teach from someone who’s a pro at it.

Our training encompasses the whole yoga teacher experience: from teaching to marketing yourself to human anatomy to history and philosophy.

On top of the wide topics covered, the training is also designed to get you teaching fast and often. Some trainings wait days or weeks for you to start practice teaching, which doesn’t give you as much time to hone your skills. We start in weekend 1 cueing poses and learning to command a room. Your abilities on blossom further from there.

Definitely! A huge component of our training is our practicums, in which you practice teaching sequences (starting out with 1 or 2 poses at first and working your way up).

Jumping right in allows you to quickly grow, find your voice as a teacher and leave the training with actual teaching experience already under your belt!

No! There is no requirement to practice at the M3Yoga studio before, during or after your training, but our trainees are expected to have a regular practice during the training (It can be at your home studio or even at home!).

Practicing regularly during your training will help deepen your experience and prompt questions for you to ask during training days.

Trainees who want to practice at M3 will receive a reduced membership rate during the training and for as long as they practice at the studio after graduation. Trainees receive unlimited access to M3online during the training.

We always advise that if you’re considering teacher training, it’s probably the right time. It’s not an itch every yogi gets and usually means something.

Our training is right for you if:

-You are 18 or older.
-You have a deep desire to deepen your yoga practice and/or a desire to share your love of yoga with others.
-You are ready to accept the challenge and deepen your life with an in-depth study of yoga.
-You appreciate or want to know more about the anatomy and philosophy of yoga
-You like to laugh (not required, but it helps!)


"The training was truly life-changing. I learned so much about myself in the process, but also developed and practiced the practical skills to teach safe, strong, creatively sequenced, classes."
"This training was life changing in such a beautiful way. I grew in ways I did not expect to grow, and I am eternally grateful for this space, this time, and these people."
"I learned a lot about the human body and how yoga helps all aspects of our health in mind, body, and spirit. I also love the community of people that I trained with. I found everyone to be a very supportive and encouraging. This was an experience that facilitated me to grow in ways I never expected as a person as well as a yogi."
"This training was more than I could ask for in a training. It covered everything you wanted to cover and more."
"M3 Yoga Center was a fantastic place to complete my 200-YTT and to learn about the foundations of yoga. A well-rounded training and perfect for all levels of students."
"My experience with M3's YTT has been an incredible transformative time. Not only have I grown in my understanding of the physical practice, but I have learned more about myself and how to live my yoga. Through Nick and Kate's thoughtful guidance, I feel confident and prepared to begin my journey as a yoga teacher."



200hr teacher training symbol

Our deposit is non-refundable since that means you’ve asked us to reserve a spot for you and thus not allow in others who may be interested. Beyond that, payments you make are refundable to a degree depending on how close the training is.

If you cancel 3 months before the training, you will receive 80% of any payments back. You will receive 50% of your payments back if you cancel 2 month before training. Canceling less 2 months before training will result in no refund. If you drop out after the training has started, there is no refund or stoppage of payment plan autodrafts.

Note: If you leave the training before you have finished making payments, you will still be responsible for making those payments in the agreed upon manner and timeframe.

If you cannot complete your training or sign up and circumstances prevent you from attending, you have the option to transfer to a future training session for a fee. You also will forfeit any early bird discounts you received and will not receive early bird discounts for the training you transfer to.

To transfer 90 days or more before the training start: $200 fee

To transfer less than 90 days before the training start: $400 fee

While it has never happened and we do not anticipate needing to, please note that M3Yoga retains the right to cancel or delay any trainings for any reason. For cancelations, you will be refunded. For delay, you will be contacted about options.