Virtual 300 Hour Yoga Training

Starts January 2021

Our Yoga Alliance certified advanced teacher training is designed to help you explore your passion, deepen your teaching and practice, and find true mentorship and community.

Training Format

Four Virtual Modules

You can complete your 300 hour training on weekends with very little disruption to your life. Each module is led by a different trainer and covers a different aspect of yoga and yoga teaching. Modules include an  individual project and a book to help explore the topic further.

Individual Projects

Each module will allow you to tailor the experience to what you are most interested in. Every module will have a self-directed project on the material covered that the lead trainer and your mentor will guide you through. This creates an individualized experience unlike any other training. You get to decide where your passion lies and we get to help you ignite it.

Personalized Mentorship

Every trainee is connected to one of our expert trainers in a personalized mentorship. You’ll have dedicated time and attention from your mentor, who will help support you in your training journey, answer questions, and provide guidance throughout your experience.

Early Birds Save $300!!

Sign up early (spots 1-5) and get $300 off!! Spots 6-8 get $200 off.
All remaining spots are at full price.

Meet the Trainers

Nick Combs

Nick is the Founder and co-owner of M3Yoga and the Co-Director of M3Yoga’s training curriculum. He is an E-RYT500 and has taken numerous trainings, completing his 300hr with Noah Maze and continuing through a rigorous mentorship process with him. Nick is a training fanatic completing trainings with Doug Keller, Jules Mitchell, Darren Rhodes, Gabi Walters, and more. His love for philosophy comes from his teacher Brother Shankara of the Vedanta Society. He draws inspiration from moving the body from his 13 years as a registered nurse as well as the functional movement community. He is a certified mobility specialist and HIIT instructor. His classes are technical, fun and spiced with heavy doses of humor and challenge.

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Kate McKenzie

Kate originally came to yoga in college in efforts to help reconnect to her body after battling disordered eating. With pranayama and asana, yoga provided a space for her to discover wholeness and appreciation for her body. Kate’s classes are a direct reflection of her Pranakriya training. You’ll find each of her classes to be strength based and centered around the breath, while being present to both physical and subtle experiences. Her hope is that each and every one of her students leaves class feeling more grounded and alive. Certifications include RYS 300 Hour Pranakriya Therapeutic Yoga, RYS 200 Pranakriya Yoga (with Yoganand Michael Carroll & Marlysa Sullivan), and Certified Yoga in My School. Kate is a Lead Teacher and Co-director of YTT at M3Yoga.

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Sarah Beam

Sarah first experienced the life-affirming practice of yoga in 1999, and invited it to completely change her life in 2007 when consistent practice began to clear out the sluggish remnants of postpartum blues. She completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012, and was so excited to share the practice that she began teaching the day before graduation. Since that time, she has completed additional trainings with a second 200-hour program, an advanced 300-hour program, Rocket yoga, and the i-Rest practice of Yoga Nidra. Sarah believes mindful movement and attention to the breath can quiet the mind, open the heart, strengthen the body, encourage radical self-acceptance, and inspire a more compassionate way of living, and these aspects come forward in each of her classes. To this day, she remains wholeheartedly committed to the daily study and practice of asana, meditation, self-discovery, and wonder-seeking.

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Phelan La Velle

Phelan has been practicing yoga for almost two decades. After receiving her 200 hour from Bill Cotrell in 2010, she led weekly donation based vinyasa classes at a local theater in Athens. She eventually began teaching as a job in studio. This led her to enroll in a 300 hour certification program with Noah Maze which she completed in 2019. She has since trained with Darren Rhodes a number of times and is currently greatly inclined towards hatha yoga, tho vinyasa will always be her first love. Her classes blend the poetic art of alignment with levity and self compassion. As a lifetime musician, you'll always catch a fresh playlist from her flow class. She enjoys dancing, snacking, and kissing her husband and 2 dogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our trainers leads a 12 week module that covers a wide array of yoga components. Within these modules, you personalize your study through mentorship and projects based upon your interests.

Module 1: INQUIRE // Develop your voice by diving deep into the internal, personal layers of an embodied practice.

Module 2: EXPAND // Grow your ability to challenge students, inside and out, by exploring applications of yogic philosophy and advanced sequencing techniques.

Module 3: COMPOSE // Refine your language by exploring somatic awareness through dynamic observation and teaching technologies.

Module 4: INTEGRATE // Cultivate your art for holding space as a teacher by merging advanced practices and teachings of modern, accessible yoga.

There also is an antiracism component to the training that is targeted at wellness professionals as well.

Our advanced training is flexible and tailored to busy people, meaning you’ll work on your own time to meet assignment deadlines.

Each module is 12 weeks long. Every month you will meet two Wednesday evenings 5pm – 8pm and two Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9am – 12pm. Since it is virtual we will record each session if you need to miss and send the link.

This training truly is meant to be tailored to the modern experience. You are allowed to miss no more than 20% of a module total. Need a scheduling exception? Reach out to us!

Training starts January 6, 2021.

At the end of the training, we will have a retreat for trainees (assuming it is safe to hold one at that time; it will not be required if not).

Total Investment: $3,600 (Be one of the first 3 to sign up to save $300!)

Monthly payments can be arranged during the entirety of the training. An initial, nonrefundable $500 deposit secures your spot.

Two scholarship spots are reserved for BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ students. If you’re interested in a scholarship, reach out to us at

Yes! You certainly can pay all at once, but we also let you split up the payments. We can work with you to make it a more manageable amount each month. This allows you to still sign up for the training without the stress of paying for it immediately upfront.

Have a specific payment plan question? Email us at

Our trainees have a list of readings that will help deepen their training and practices for each module. These books can be purchased or you can borrow them using the library system to request copies.

An virtual, recorded antiracism training by Chrissy King also will be required.

Yes, all sessions will be recorded. However, because Yoga Alliance mandates a certain number of contact hours, you will be responsible for making up any time missed and doing any make up assignments necessary to meet that requirement.

Our advanced training was designed to empower you to deeply explore based on your interests while providing in-depth expert guidance along the way.

On top of being a flexible format, our four trainers all have a wide range of background knowledge and experience to help provide a full, well-rounded training. Our curriculum is designed to not just further your teaching, but to further your experience with yourself.

Curriculum design is approved by our program director, a registered nurse, and Kate Guthrie, a doctor of educational psychology.

Think of this training as your yoga doctorate, you’re working on self study projects within each module that is on interest of you, allowing you to explore deeper to help grow your practice and teaching.

We want this training to further connection within the group and yourself. This is more than how to teach yoga, this is how to live your yoga.

We realize the current state of the world, and right now, we all need a deeper connection with each other and a sense of community. This training is designed to give you all of that.

No! There is no requirement to practice at the M3Yoga studio before, during or after your training, but our trainees are expected to have a regular practice during the training (It can be at your home studio or even at home!).

Practicing regularly during your training will help deepen your experience and prompt questions for you to ask during training days.

Trainees who want to practice at M3 will receive a reduced membership rate during the training and for as long as they practice at the studio after graduation. Trainees receive unlimited access to M3online during the training.

We always advise that if you’re considering advanced teacher training, it’s probably the right time. It’s not an itch every yogi gets and usually means something.

Our advanced training is right for you if:

-You are 18 or older.
-You are ready to deeply explore yoga and various parts of it
-You are ready to accept the challenge of self inquiry with a mentor guiding you
-You appreciate or want to know more about one part of yoga
-You like to laugh (not required, but it helps!)



300hr teacher training symbol

Our deposit is non-refundable since that means you’ve asked us to reserve a spot for you and thus not allow in others who may be interested. Beyond that, payments you make are refundable to a degree depending on how close the training is.

If you cancel 3 months before the training, you will receive 80% of any payments back. You will receive 50% of your payments back if you cancel 2 month before training. Canceling less 2 months before training will result in no refund. If you drop out after the training has started, there is no refund or stoppage of payment plan autodrafts.

Note: If you leave the training before you have finished making payments, you will still be responsible for making those payments in the agreed upon manner and timeframe.

If you cannot complete your training or sign up and circumstances prevent you from attending, you have the option to transfer to a future training session for a fee. You also will forfeit any early bird discounts you received and will not receive early bird discounts for the training you transfer to.

To transfer 90 days or more before the training start: $200 fee

To transfer less than 90 days before the training start: $400 fee

While it has never happened and we do not anticipate needing to, please note that M3Yoga retains the right to cancel or delay any trainings for any reason. For cancelations, you will be refunded. For delay, you will be contacted about options.