5 things I’ve learned in a year – Kelly

m3yoga cactus arms

This blog is one in a series in which teachers and others reflect on their first full year with M3Yoga. Kelly has been teaching at M3 since we opened our doors at the Tree Room studio. 

5 things I learned in a year….

1. The true value in community and connection. How rewarding it is to hold space for our students.

2. A deep inner confidence as a teacher, that I obtained with the help of supportive fellow teachers, staff, and students.

3. To have patience and love for my body. To appreciate all it can do and can’t do. Any part of the pose is the pose. I’m there.

4. Teaching and practicing yoga has had a stabilizing effect on my life and helped me manage difficult times, ultimately becoming a stronger teacher.

5. I had the chance to travel and train under amazing yogis, expanding my thoughts on yoga and teaching. As well as a deep appreciation for the Rocket practice.

Ultimately I learned that yoga really is a journey. My mat is always there for me and always there for you, too. The time spent on the mat is a cherished practice. Thanks to all I have practiced next to and all I have had the privilege to teach this past year at M3. Thanks M3 Warriors and Athens. See you on the mat.

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