6 ways we provide yoga for EVERY body

m3yoga warrior two

1. Our classes are accessible

We have classes that can fit every skill level and body. From those wanting our more therapeutic classes that focus on specific body parts to those who are wanting a faster paced, challenging class like our Rocket yoga, we offer something that everyone can do. We also are extremely thoughtful in how we organize our schedule so that each day offers a variety of class types to further extend our commitment to accessibility.

2. We are a welcoming, safe and comfortable space

Right in our mission statement there is a line about making our studio a safe, inclusive space. That is a core belief at M3Yoga, that a yoga studio should warmly welcome people of all levels, ages, genders, races, orientations and backgrounds. From the moment you step into the studio, you will feel like you’re part of an authentic, diverse community.

3. Large number of classes = yoga for even super busy people

We pride ourselves on offering the most yoga classes in Athens, GA at the most convenient times. We don’t ever want your excuse for not coming to yoga to be that you were busy or couldn’t find a time that works. From our shortened 6:10am classes to our late night 8:30pm practices, we have a time that can fit everyone’s schedule.

4. Instructors are trained in offering modifications

All our instructors are experienced and trained in offering pose modifications during their teaching. They also know how to evaluate skill levels and adapt their classes to the level of the students in the room. We also teach the instructors to encourage yogis to do what feels right, even if that’s child’s pose for the entire class. This helps further our accepting, inclusive atmosphere for people of all levels and bodies.

5. So many class types

Rocket yoga, vinyasa, restorative, therapeutic, iRest, pranayama and meditation, yin, women-only, beginner’s, childrens, warm flow, glow-in-the-dark—you get the picture. We have the largest variety of yoga classes in Athens, because your practice should never feel stale. Offering so many varieties also helps diversify our community and encourages M3Yoga warriors to expand their yoga to other branches or types. You know never what you’ll love until you try it!

6. Always listening, constantly changing

A huge part of providing yoga for EVERY body is that we are always asking for feedback and suggestions. Some of our most popular classes or class times came from M3 warriors who suggested them. That’s why we survey our members, ask opinions and are always taking new ideas and suggestions. This studio is YOURS, so we want to offer the yoga classes and yoga class times you want.

If you haven’t tried our studio yet, we definitely want you to come be a part of our community! We are committed to providing a studio for everyone, so whether you’re a seasoned yoga veteran or never been on a mat, we are a fit for you. Check out our schedule to find the class for you!