A Studio Update: Meet M3

Hey y’all, Neda here with another update, this time straight from the hearts of Nick Combs and Matt Chambers, the owners of M3 Yoga in Athens (and soon Atlanta), GA. They are the wonderful humans who have stepped up and are taking the leap to keep yoga continuing on in TLY’s current space in 2023 and beyond.


Matt & Nick have been completely lovely, kind, and generous throughout this whole process and I have nothing but the utmost love and respect for them. I am so grateful for them welcoming me and the rest of the TLY team to be a part of what they are creating. Please read on to learn more about who they are and what they hope to offer <3



Dear Tough Love Yoga Community,

Let us start by saying we are so humbled to be sending you this message. We are Nick Combs and Matt Chambers, and we own M3 Yoga in Athens, Georgia. We’ll be bringing a second M3 Yoga to the Tough Love space in Candler Park next month. We’ve worked with Neda over the last month or so to make this dream into a reality and cannot thank her enough for all the love, support and prayers that have gotten us here.

We are very sad and sorry that Tough Love will no longer continue in its current incarnation. We have respected Neda as a teacher and business owner for a long time. Tough Love has always been a studio we’ve looked to for inspiration and guidance during our journey as studio owners.

While the end of Tough Love is sad and we’re sure, very emotional for all of you, we are excited, and honestly, very honored and humbled to step into the space and community and to connect with you. While we know we cannot recreate the exact Tough Love magic, we hold many of the same values and teaching methodologies and hope to bring some of the magic we have in our Athens community to Atlanta.

About M3
Our studio in Athens has been around for 6 years. It grew out of a passion to share accessible movement and provide yoga to people who maybe thought that yoga wasn’t “right” for them. M3 began in a 300 square foot space and offered therapeutic 6 person classes taught by Nick, infusing his nursing background into his yoga teaching. We started with a slogan of yoga for EVERY body and truly embody that. M3 has evolved many times since it began: expanding 4 times and now offers Vinyasa Flow, Hatha (akin to yogahour), Super Stretch, Hot Power Flow, Candlelight Yin, Restorative, Sound Bath, Inferno Hot Pilates & Inferno Strength classes. We have two studios: one offering heated classes, the other room temperature. We believe that variety can help your movement practice and body, so we try to offer a wide array of options for classes since not everyone always wants to move the same way every day. We plan to bring a similar studio and class offerings to the current Tough Love space.

Our studio’s core values are innovation, intelligent movement, inclusivity, community, and playfulness. We are a fun bunch and believe that we are not free until we are all free and seek to create more equitable opportunities in our studio spaces and in our communities. We are very intentional in making our business more antiracist on an active basis, and a lot of that work includes our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, which guides us in hiring practices, business decisions, and culture.

We honor the roots of yoga, especially being a studio in Western society, and have worked hard to ensure that we keep this practice sacred while making sure it’s accessible. The M’s in M3 stand for mind, matter and movement. We believe in challenging both the mind and our matter (body) and moving them both toward realizing health and wholeness. A healthy mind and matter (body) are vital to happiness and longevity. And movement is the key, whether that’s a relaxing Yin class, strong Hatha class, or an challenging Inferno Hot Pilates class. Honestly, we never knew how much M3 would become a “movement” in itself and our community has shaped itself into providing a safe haven in a world that sometimes feels quite unsafe.

We believe in meeting you where you are, and that you need to change nothing in order to practice yoga. You are whole already, and hopefully we can be facilitators of helping you realize that. We also believe that we learn as much from students and you do from us.

Lastly, we are pretty playful. We like to laugh, and while we take our yoga practice seriously, we don’t take ourselves so seriously. We infuse this core value into our teaching and even business practices. We laugh a lot, play a lot, and enjoy creating community together.

Expect to see more about how we chose our core values and how they are infused into our culture in the coming weeks.

About Us
Nick has been a nurse for 15 years, a yoga student for over a decade, a teacher for nine, and a studio owner for 6 years. He teaches various styles with a background in alignment-based Hatha, vinyasa, which is often Ashtanga-inspired from his previous training, and iterations that stem from both. He also teaches restorative, yin, and pranayama. Some of his most influential yoga teachers include Noah Mazè, Amber Gean Espelage, Peach Friedman, and Brother Shankara. Outside of yoga, Nick is an Inferno Hot Pilates teacher and, in all of his teaching, he believes that the student is ultimately the teacher of their own body and experience, he hopes to ignite that within each student he encounters.

You will always be challenged in a Nick class and almost always guaranteed to laugh at his jokes, tangents, and off-the-wall comments. He is an anatomy nerd and started yoga as a way to move his body, but stayed in the practice because of the philosophy. His classes are often infused with philosophical threads of yoga, and Nick names Brother Shankara from the Vedanta Center of Atlanta as one of his most influential spiritual teachers.

Nick enjoys having no free time , and currently is working on his doctorate as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and also works as a CVICU Nurse Educator at Emory on top of teaching at and managing M3.

Matt found yoga when he began dating his now husband, Nick, seven years ago. Being the good boyfriend he went to the yoga classes Nick was teaching and the rest is history. Having worked in higher education and marketing professionally, jumping into being a studio owner was quite the change at first. Matt is now an Inferno Hot Pilates instructor, Sound Bath facilitator, certified yoga teacher and an avid advocate for making movement more accessible and approachable.

Matt’s movement training varies from Hatha Yoga training with Neda, Darren Rhodes, Brigette Finley, and Sam Rice; Sound Bath training with Danielle Hall; and Inferno Hot Pilates Training with Gabi Walters. Matt manages a lot of the operations for M3, including marketing, branding, website and studio operations. Don’t be surprised to see him at the front desk, taking out trash or even on the mat next to you. (He’s been in several TLY classes in the last week; you might have already seen him)

About the new studio
We signed the lease for the Tough Love Space last week, so many of our plans for M3 in Atlanta are still evolving as quickly as they can. The landlord is installing a new HVAC once Tough Love moves out Jan. 1, and we are adding heating panels to one of the rooms, but after that we plan to open for classes as soon as possible. Our goal is to be open by mid January.

We’re talking with many of the Tough Love teachers about having them stay on as your teachers and are recruiting some other teachers from around town. (If you know of any yoga teachers in Atlanta who might want to join the team, please ask them to email atlanta@m3yoga.com we’d love to talk with them! Also if you’re a yoga teacher, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or Instagram!)

We will be sharing information with you over the coming two weeks about our offerings, how to join M3 Atlanta (which you can already do on our website), and what you can expect from us in terms of your practice. For now, we encourage you to check out our website HERE or the M3 Athens Instagram page. We also launched an M3 Atlanta Instagram account if you’d like to follow it HERE and get updates that way.

We’re working hard to bring you accessible yoga in the studio space you already love, and we appreciate all the love and support we’ve already received from Tough Love. Your support and future membership will help ensure that yoga continues in this magical place and that this inspiring community continues thriving for another decade plus. If you’re already a member of Tough Love, we will be honoring your rates, so feel free to reach out using the email below so we can get you set up and keep your practice growing.

If you have any questions at all, please email us at atlanta@m3yoga.com. We’re here to help however we can. We’ve very excited for what 2023 and the future holds, and hope you are too.

We are honored to be a part of the transition of Tough Love and could not be doing what we’re doing without Neda and every single teacher and student who’s walked through the doors at 1530 Dekalb Ave. We thank them all for the torch they’re passing onto us.

With love in our hearts,
Nick and Matt