About M3Yoga

M3Yoga is an Athens, Georgia yoga studio offering therapeutic, rocket and vinyasa flow yoga classes. Our community is nestled in a one-of-a-kind studio in the Chase Park Warehouses overlooking the famous Athens Tree Room

Our motto is mind. matter. movement.  We focus on keeping all three of those in alignment and a good place. A healthy mind and matter (body) are vital to happiness and longevity. And movement is the key, whether that’s a therapeutic yin class or an athletic Rocket Yoga flow.

M3Yoga is a place where everyone is welcome. We are a family of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, genders, ethnicities, and skill levels. Some of our yogis are still new, wanting to be slowly introduced to the practice, others have practiced for years and want to deepen it with more exploratory and challenging classes. Some of our members use yoga as a means to relax or increase their fitness, while others want the expertise of our instructors to help their specific ailments, like arthritis or depression.

About the founder

Nick Combs founded M3Yoga to share his life long passion of healing and helping others. Nick has a deep understanding of how yoga can heal, as he battled mental health issues and degenerative disc disease, causing turmoil in his life and severe pain in his body. Nick found solace on his mat and knew he had to share his experience, in the same way he shares his nursing skills with his patients.

Nick has a passion for anatomy and physiology and has studied under the top medical professionals in the world at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He believes having a detailed understanding of the physical body and how it operates at a cellular level enhances your ability to practice and instruct yoga.

Nick has been practicing yoga for nearly seven years and completed his 200hr teacher training at Rubber Soul in Athens, GA. Nick teaches and has trained in a variety of styles of yoga and is currently pursuing his 500hr certification through Asheville Yoga Center. He is registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT, which shows that he has demonstrated enough skill level to be considered an “expert”. This certification level enables him to train and teach other instructors. Nick is also a Certified Rocket Yoga Instructor after completing his 60hr training with Amber Gean Espelage in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017.

He decided in early 2017 that he wanted to combine his experience with western medicine and eastern healing and philosophy and founded M3Yoga, bringing together some of the best yogis around Athens to the best yoga studio location in town.