An Update on Covid Closure

I will start how I usually do, and with what is most important to me, how are you? I want to know. I want you to know that every day you are on our minds, and we cherish our relationship with you. Whether you’ve been to the studio once or 457 times, you are loved by me and the entire M3 team.

I also want to thank you. The support and encouragement from our Warriors has meant the world to us and has kept us going. We have had so many people reach out and if I or Matt have not personally responded yet, know that we will and that you are keeping us going.

Thank you for your stories, letters, emails, your sponsorships of memberships for those losing their jobs (18 memberships covered so far by y’all!), for everything.

I say this community is special because it is. There is no place like M3Yoga.

Reopening update
As many of you know, our governor is allowing many different types of facilities, including gyms and fitness centers, to re-open this week with limitations. However, the statewide stay at home order remains in place.

We have looked at the data, as well as searched our conscience, and decided to stay 100% virtual at this time. To us, the decision to remain closed to in-person classes until we are sure we can keep our community safe is an easy one. People over business. Always.

There is nothing more in this world that I want than to have our studio bustling with the energy we had in February, but I will not sacrifice public health safety for that.

We were one of the first Athens businesses to electively close our doors to the public to keep you and your loved ones safe. We did this even before the city’s mandate to help flatten the curve, to prioritize your safety and to keep our staff healthy.

I think it is our duty as leaders in our community to do the right thing. As much as our business needs to open to stay viable long-term, that is not the right action at this time. Trust me, I want so badly to re-hire all my team to full capacity and see you in the studio, but I also have to do what’s right for the Athens community.

When I look back at this in 10 years, I want to know I did everything in my power to 1) contribute to public health safety and 2) keep my community of M3 Warriors strong, healthy and thriving.

Who knew my decade in nursing would come in so handy as a business owner? I am glad I understand infection control enough to know that we need to stay the course. The right time to reopen will be soon, it just isn’t right now.

We have been working on a reopening strategy and we plan to launch a hybrid studio some time in May if the situation feels safe enough to do so.

We will update you with what that looks like in the next several weeks. You will not be suddenly surprised by our re-opening.

Take care of yourself
We’ve been a virtual studio for more than 30 days now. And we know it’s been different. Maybe even daunting and hard for you to practice virtually.

You’re practicing in a different space at different times, maybe with different distractions or challenges.

We’ve heard firsthand that it “isn’t the same,” or you’re not pushing yourself as much without me screaming (encouragingly) at you.

Trust us, we know. It’s very different for me and for our teachers too. But it won’t be forever. This will pass.

I implore you to keep practicing to keep your mind and body strong and resilient.

It is so easy to lose steam. To give up on yoga and yourself. To just phone it in since it’s not the same.

But now is when we have to commit to ourselves more. When WE have to put in the work to help our practice grow. When we have to use those yoga tools we’ve been honing to help us keep going in honing those yoga tools.

So if you’ve started to feel a lag or drop in motivation, here’s my advice to you: Do 1 more. 1 more child’s pose. 1 more second in plank. 1 more M3online class. Or 1 more M3live class. Don’t push yourself to accomplish the world, but don’t not push yourself either.

We’re a community of Warriors dedicated to challenging ourselves inside and out. Now’s our chance to prove that.

Commit to your yoga practice, not for me, but for you.

Also, if you need a mindset shift on giving yourself grace during COVID-19, check out this short video from Kate that really helped me during all this. I know it helped Matt and many of our other teachers as well.

What’s ahead
We have quite a bit planned during the next several weeks. We have loads of virtual classes coming , including many fun ones this week. I’m super excited about the Yoga Question & Answer class on Sunday.

Then, once we’ve reopened and things have calmed down, Matt and I have been brainstorming so many amazing things for our community to do together. We really can’t wait to see a stronger community on the other side of this.

For the immediate future, our livestream offerings will remain about the same (maybe a few pop up morning or late night classes coming soon), and we’ll continue to build our M3online library (127 videos strong now!).

Back on March 14, when we sent the tough email about temporarily closing, I wrote that our decision was “not a business issue; this is a human issue.” And that rings true to this day.

Every decision and action we make moving forward is with you in mind.

Yes, we are a business, but we are people first. And people are what really matter.

Thank you for all your encouraging support. I love each of you and send nothing but love your way.

Absolutely cannot wait to see you on the mat again when that day comes.

With love,