Yoga Teacher Trainee: Anita Russo

Anita is one of the yoga teacher trainees in our Spring 2019 cohort. Read more about her story and why she’s training at M3Yoga. 

Where are you from? New Jersey

Where do you live? Bogart

Favorite place you’ve been? The place in my mind where all good things ARE possible or is it in my mind? And also kayaking at Shem Creek among the dolphins near the intercostal waterway. There is such beautiful and diverse wildlife.

What’s your passion? Anything I apply myself to at the moment.

Favorite pose? The ones that are the most challenging for me, so basically all of them.

How long have you practiced yoga?
15 years roughly

What’s your favorite yoga style?

Why did you decide to attend teacher training?
To broaden my perspective of yoga and to work with fantastic teachers and students on a path to awareness and application of facilitation techniques of the yoga experience and practice. To learn more about the mind body connection, safe alignment, philosophy and science of yoga and how to be effective and genuine in guiding others.

Why did you decide to train at the M3Yoga Center?
The culture to me is real, friendly, effective, nurturing while also encouraging to find ones own edge and deepen the mindfulness experience. The value that yoga is for Everybody. I’m so inspired by my fellow yogis who suit up and show up. There are so many styles offered at M3Yoga. It is also poetic to practice in the space provided. The facility is a mixed use or adaptive model and super cool.

What has been your favorite part of the training so far?
The support and encouragement of the instructors and students. They are all rock stars in my opinion and Kate and Nick are so knowledgeable and open to giving their students tools and room to experiment.

What’s been the hardest part of the training so far?
Letting go of my expectations for myself of where I think I should be in the process. Practicum is super challenging for me and so valuable.

What is one thing you wish you knew before the training?
That I could use less ego and more self confidence and practice that. Leading others through yoga is such an honor and so delicate that requires agility and skill.

What is your advice to someone considering teacher training?
Go for it!!!


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