Author: Nick Combs

m3yoga goddess pose

Power360 – Thoughtful Hot Power Yoga

So when opening our second studio we had a lot of options and choices to make. Many people asked for more Rocket (which we added) but with only 4 certified teachers currently, it is difficult to arrange that schedule. We also had a lot of requests for hot power yoga. Now you all know, we…

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Rocket yoga pose

Rocket Yoga Training

I am wondering what to even write when reviewing my experience in Cincinnati. Well for starters, I realized I constantly misspell “Cincinnati”. But I really can’t describe the experience. It felt like I was a newby again. That I had never taken a yoga training and that I wasn’t sure how to do a pose…

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Private class yoga

From Nurse to Yoga Studio Owner

I have been a nurse for almost 10 years now, starting at arguably the top hospital in the world, Johns Hopkins. When I began my nursing career I felt like I found my calling. My place in the world. The fire inside me when I was taking care of postop heart surgery patients was visceral.…

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Yoga one on one

Why integrate?

What is the point? The definition of integrate is to combine and make into a whole. But why does it even matter? What is wrong with compartmentalizing each area of my life? Diet over here, yoga here, healthcare here, maybe some self care over here. What is wrong with that? And why even make the effort…

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What is Ujjayi Breath? A brief Meditation.

Ever wonder why everyone sounds like a storm trooper in a vinyasa class? What is that weird breathing? Or even already know but are not sure why we do it or how? Well Ujjayi breath is a pranayama (breathing) technique that warms the body, massages the internal organs, and creates an intentional breath, which gives…

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Yoga love

Ahimsa – What is it and how do we cultivate it?

Ahimsa is first Yama (which is the first limb in the eight limb Ashtanga system of yoga), so essentially it is at the very beginning. Before doing anything else, we are to practice ahimsa, or nonviolence/non-injury. There are so many interpretations of ahimsa and so many ways to cultivate it. Many start with a diet…

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Yoga strength arms

What is your yoga?

Yoga translates from Sanskrit to “to yoke” or “union”. We are told, in the west, from a young age, to be SOMEBODY; get into the best school, get the best job, make money, buy a big house. Then you will be happy. We cultivate a society in which happiness can only be obtained through attaining.…

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