Yoga Instructor Profile: Brent Peterson

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Brent Peterson

Teaches: Candlelight Yin, Power360

Where are you from? St. Joseph, Michigan

How long have you lived in Athens? 8 years as of the beginning of UGA’s fall semester 2018

What’s your passion? I’d like it to be compassion, but it’s probably novelty.

Favorite book? Honestly whatever I’m reading in the moment. Currently White Teeth by Zadie Smith.

Favorite movie? The Big Lebowski

Favorite restaurant? The Grit!

When did you start practicing yoga and why?
I’ve been involved in the types of yoga encompassed by meditation and breathing exercises ever since I was a teenager, but practicing yoga asanas or postural yoga has been a relatively recent passion of mine. I started practicing to center myself and to integrate my body more deeply into my spiritual practice.

What’s your favorite yoga style?
I like extremes, so my two favorite styles are probably sweaty power flows and relaxing and reviving restorative and yin sessions.

How long have you taught yoga? What inspired you to teach?
I’m new to teaching to yoga. I just started in May after receiving my certification from Rubber Soul. I was inspired to teach by the joyous energy that I feel every time I come to the mat to practice and the potential of yoga’s nonviolent philosophy to transform people and communities. I wanted to share that joy with others and benefit beings by making the world happier and more peaceful.

What’s your advice to someone who is new to yoga?
Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to enjoy the process.

What is your favorite pose?
Ado mukha vrksasana because I’m perennially imperfect at it! I’ve spent a lot of time working on having a stable handstand, and yet it remains aspirational for me. It’s a reminder to enjoy the work and the movement and not focus too much on a distant goal.

What’s your favorite class to teach at M3? Favorite to take?
I can’t choose between Yin and Power360, and I love subbing for Strong Core! My favorite to take must be Rocket. It’s the perfect combination of strength poses, high intensity flows, and deep stretching.

What do you enjoy most about M3?
The great community of yogis and yoginis who make up its dynamic and thriving community, of course! The beautiful practice spaces are a close second.