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Yoga Instructor Profile: Brent Peterson

Brent Peterson Teaches: Candlelight Yin, Power360 Where are you from? St. Joseph, Michigan How long have you lived in Athens? 8 years as of the beginning of UGA’s fall semester 2018 What’s your passion? I’d like it to be compassion, but it’s probably novelty. Favorite book? Honestly whatever I’m reading in the moment. Currently White Teeth by Zadie Smith. […]

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Yoga Instructor Profile: Janet Estrada

Janet Estrada Teaches: Hips, Hammies & Glutes Where are you from? I come from a complicated and tormented childhood where self love and awareness were not taught. This past has made yoga and the path it’s led me on very meaningful and special. How long have you lived in Athens? I’ve lived in Athens for a total […]

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Yoga Instructor Profile: Bill Cottrell

Bill Cottrell Teaches: Yoga Fundamentals, Back Health Where are you from? Born and raised in the Motor City (Detroit) How long have you lived in Athens? Since 2008  What’s your passion? I’m pretty passionate about helping others.  As a yoga teacher and mental health counselor, I often see people at their most vulnerable.  It reminds me of how […]

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Yoga Instructor Profile: Jade Fernandez

Jade Fernandez Teaches: Flow & Restore Where are you from? Originally Miami, Florida, but mostly Suwanee How long have you lived in Athens? I lived here for school and just moved back a year ago after 7 years. What’s your passion? My passion is making people laugh and be in the moment. Favorite book? Still Life […]

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Yoga Instructor Profile: Susan Fontaine

Susan Fontaine Teaches: Bottle Rocket Where are you from? Louisville, Kentucky How long have you lived in Athens? 12 years this August What’s your passion? Helping others be productive. Anyone really, but specifically, I like to work with individuals with disabilities and want them to be more a part of our community. Favorite book? I try to read! But […]

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Michael Black m3yoga class

Yoga Instructor Profile: Michael Black

Michael Black Teaches: Yoga for Back Health Where are you from? Athens How long have you lived in Athens? On-and-off since I was 7 What’s your passion? Pretty much anything to do with the body (anatomy, Rolfing, yoga, exercise, etc.) Favorite book? The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham Favorite movie? Don’t make me choose. Favorite restaurant? Seabear When did you […]

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Yoga Instructor Profile: Phelan LaVelle

Phelan LaVelle Teaches: M360, Power360, Restorative, Candlelight Yin, Flow Where are you from? Omaha, Nebraska How long have you lived in Athens? 9 years What’s your passion? Family, yoga, music Favorite book? Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov Favorite movie? Jurassic Park Favorite restaurant? Ever? La Bouvette in Omaha. In Athens? Tlaloc When did you start practicing yoga and why? […]

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Yoga Instructor Profile: Ali Fitzsimmons

Ali Fitzsimmons Teaches: Super Stretch, Slow Flow Where are you from? I was born in Fairfax, Virginia, and have spent many years of my life living in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area, as well as Charlottesville, Virginia.   How long have you lived in Athens? I have lived in Athens since 2013, which is almost long […]

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Em Harger m3yoga instructor

Yoga Instructor Profile: Em Harger

Em Harger Teaches: Slow Flow Where are you from? I was born in Philadelphia, but spent most of my formative years in south Georgia and north Florida. How long have you lived in Athens? 4 years What’s your passion? Traveling, eating, YOGA, spending time with my loved ones  Favorite book? The Stranger by Albert Camus Favorite movie? Sabrina (not […]

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Yoga Instructor Profile: Nick Combs

Nick Combs Teaches: M360, Rocket I, Flow, Pranayama & Meditation, Super Stretch, Rocket II, Power360 Where are you from? Washington DC and all around DC How long have you lived in Athens? 5 years What’s your passion? To help people in whatever way that looks. To foster connection. I was as a nurse for 10 years and […]

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