M3Yoga Child Minding

As part of our mission to make yoga accessible, we’re offering M3 Child Minding for select classes every week! This is so caregivers can carve out their own time for self-care and health

M3 Child Minding allows caregivers to practice yoga in our main studio while knowing that the child in their care is in good hands. All without the hassle and extra expense of finding a babysitter.

Our Child Minding includes a wide variety of art supplies, books, toys, games and, of course, yoga props for children to explore during their stay.

m3yoga kids class


9:15am & 12pm


9:15am & 12pm





How to register a child

Step 1: Use M3Yoga’s Mindbody portal to log in and add the child as a family member on your account. (See Mindbody’s instructions for this here.)

Step 2: Book the child a spot in the Child Minding time slot you want them to attend. Book yourself a spot in that corresponding class. (Note: Children will not be accepted if their caregiver is not taking the corresponding class)

Step 3: Purchase a Child Minding pass as needed.

Child Minding Director

Shara Cherniak

Shara loves yoga and is excited about sharing yoga practice with everyone! She started practicing yoga in 2009 and a whole new world and way of being in it opened up to her. She holds a 95 hr teacher training certification in Grounded Kids Yoga, an incredible children's yoga program out of Atlanta and metro-Atlanta.

Shara's worked with children for years. She's on the board of directors fo the Athens Forest Kindergarten. She also is finishing her PhD in Early Childhood and Teacher education and her research includes the question “What can yoga philosophy teach us about holistic approaches to education?” She also loves reading, dancing, being in nature and speaking Spanish.


Drop-in Child Minding for non-members & class pass holder


Member Child Minding for monthly and prepaid members and those on our 40 for $40 Intro Offer


Unlimited Child Minding added to your monthly membership

M3 Child Minding Rules

  • Check-in time for Child Minding closes 5 minutes prior to class. Child Minding promptly closes 10 minutes after class.
  • For your first visit, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to get the child settled and checked in properly.
  • We highly recommend you book beforehand to reserve space.
    • You can reserve your child’s spot online by following the directions above.
  • Children ages 1 to 10 years are allowed in M3 Child Minding.
  • If the child is not yet walking, please bring whatever seat &/or play mat they prefer.
  • Please take care of bathroom and/or diapering needs before drop-off.
  • Sick children are not permitted in M3 Child Minding.
    • A sick child is defined as a child who has: a fever within the last 24 hours; diarrhea; vomiting; rash or open sores; cough; cold symptoms; lice; etc.
  • M3 Child Minding is an allergy safe zone where no food is allowed (only water & bottles for babies please).
    • Ensure the child has been fed prior to his or her stay; regular scheduled feedings are not conducted.
  • Inconsolable children will be reconnected with their caretakers. Front Desk staff will retrieve you from class if there are major issues.
  • Staff do not administer medication or discipline children.
  • We are here to support you, your practice and your children.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.