Inferno Strength Bootycamp

Inferno Bootycamp is all about your glutes! This 45 minute workout slows the pace down and increases the weight to strengthen and work your glutes and legs in an intentional way. It’s a booty burning class that’s rep based (no timer here!) and uses hand weights, resistance bands and specialty glute benches to get a great lower body workout in.

You start with glute activation drills to wake the booty up before going into a workout that really pushes your glutes to strengthen and grow.

This class has the same Inferno vibe you love: lasers, teal lights, great music, and fun. You will leave you feeling stronger and empowered with a booty that’s burning (in a good way). You’ll feel connected as the class, including instructor, moves together with you during your workout. Growing stronger together.

Like all our Inferno classes, Inferno Bootycamp is a low impact class for all fitness levels. Both beginners and experienced Warriors can benefit from working their glutes this way.

LEVEL (1, 1-2, All, 2, 3): All Levels • HEAT: Heated 95 degrees • PACE: Slow to Normal • STYLE: Pilates/Weights • STRETCH: 1/5 • STRENGTHENING: 5/5

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