m3yoga super stretch
This new class is the same M360 structure that you love but with an additional 15 minutes of time. What do we do with the extra time? We will dive deeper into alignment and skill development. Each month will have a different skill and alignment focus, as well as the same philosophical tie ins you all love. This is an amazing class to come to to dive deep, to learn and to grow. Lastly, as always with our crew, it’s a lot of fun.
M360 encompasses everything we stand for. We call it therapeutic vinyasa – each class will have elements of targeted body area vinyasa movement combined with pranayama, yin and ending in a supported savasana. 360 degrees of mind, matter & movement for your entire self. Every class will have a theme to also help the brain relax as well. Intelligently designed sequencing around your body’s functional movement provides a challenge for all yoga practitioners as well as modifications for the newest of yogis. Truly a class for EVERY body.

All M360+ classes are held at the M3Yoga Studio at 149 Oneta St. Suite 6E2.


Level (1, 1-2, All, 2, 3): All
Heat: Unheated – Room Temp
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Stretch: 3/5
Strengthening: 4/5
Pace: Moderate


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