m3yoga mind matter movement

A class you can only get at M3, we call it therapeutic vinyasa as this is a flow based class. Each class will have elements of targeted body area work and breath centered movement combined with intentional areas of pranayama. Every M360 will end in one yin posture to help target connective tissue that was strengthened during class. 360 degrees of mind, matter & movement for your entire self.

Every class will have a theme to also help the brain relax some as well. Intelligently designed sequencing around your body’s functional movement provides a challenge for all yoga practitioners as well as modifications for the newest of yogis. You will learn a lot and develop ways to truly get strong in your yoga practice. Truly a class for EVERY body.

All M360 classes are held at the M3Yoga Studio at 149 Oneta St. Suite 6E2.

Level (1, 1-2, All, 2, 3): All
Heat: Unheated – Room Temp
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Stretch: 3/5
Strengthening: 4/5
Pace: Moderate

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