Rocket Yoga

m3yoga downward dog
Derived from Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga is a set of 4 sequences practiced on different days of the week to complete a “system” of a total body practice. You will revisit the same postures each week to see your practice progress and ROCKET forward. You will also try fun new poses you may not have ever seen in a yoga class before. Playful, exhilarating, and challenging.
As developed by Larry Schultz, Rocket Yoga is the original Power Yoga. Rocket Yoga is derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa and was founded to make Ashtanga more modern and accessible.
This is one of our most athletic offering, however in each class exploration and play are encouraged. Rocket can be modified for any level of student.


Level (1, 1-2, All, 2, 3): 2
Heat: Unheated – Room Temp
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Stretch: 3/5
Strengthening: 4/5
Pace: Moderate – Quick

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