Warm Super Stretch

One of M3’s signature classes with a little far-infrared heat added to help muscles lengthen and release easier. This is NOT your sweaty power yoga class – infrared heat helps promote increased blood flow to sore or injured areas, elevates mood and assists in muscle lengthening.

This Anatomical Hatha Yoga class is designed to lengthen muscles that get tight with repetitive use – whether it be from weight training, work repetition, running, or just being a western person. This class is slower paced and is anatomically focused, each class having a different area of the body as a focus.

This class is great for athletes who need an adjunct stretching activity in their regimen and also a great adjunct for yogis looking to gain flexibility. We may go “off script” from your typical yoga class and use other modalities like myofascial release ad therapeutic stretching to help you achieve maximum benefit.


All our classes have a key to help you determine if they’re right for you. For more info on the key below, click here. 

Level (1, 1-2, All, 2, 3): 1-2
Heat: Heated to 90 degrees
Style: Hatha, Therapeutic, Yin, MFR, light Flow
Stretch: 4/5
Strengthening: 2/5
Pace: Slow

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