Warrior Workout

Increase strength and stamina while having a ton of fun in this empowering and playful class. You’ll combine common yoga poses with HIIT, resistance and mobility work and isometrics. A mouthful essentially saying it’s M3’s intelligent version of a functional strength building class that will work your whole body through yoga drills in a fun and inclusive way.
This isn’t your typical interval class, we teach it mindfully and breath centered, ending in a seated meditation and a well-earned cold eucalyptus towel. Instructors are specially trained and will show modifications while demoing along with you, so you can prioritize safety and work to your level. Leave feeling strong, empowered and centered. Our motto in Warrior Workout is “Hey, HIIT happens 🤷‍♀️😂”.
This is a class for EVERY body and is gently heated to 80 degrees.


All our classes have a key to help you determine if they’re right for you. For more info on the key below, click here. 

LEVEL (1, 1-2, All, 2, 3): 2
HEAT: Heated – 80 – 85 degrees
STYLE: Yoga-inspired HIIT and Conditioning
PACE: Moderate