Yoga Instructor Profile: Em Harger

Em Harger m3yoga instructor

Em Harger

Teaches: Slow Flow

Where are you from? I was born in Philadelphia, but spent most of my formative years in south Georgia and north Florida.

How long have you lived in Athens? 4 years

What’s your passion? Traveling, eating, YOGA, spending time with my loved ones 

Favorite book? The Stranger by Albert Camus

Favorite movie? Sabrina (not the teenage witch) with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart

Favorite restaurant? Seabear Oyster Bar is the best restaurant in town. Hands down.

When did you start practicing yoga and why?
I began practicing yoga in 2012 in New York City. I was working a very demanding job and needed an outlet to stretch my body and calm my mind. A friend at work had just completed her traning and offered me private lessons to get me going.

What’s your favorite yoga style?
I did a vinyasa based training, teach vinyasa, and enjoy vinyasa. The fluidity of movements with breath is what I am drawn to most.

How long have you taught yoga? What inspired you to teach?
I was certified in July of 2016 after competing my 200 hour training in Costa Rica. I was drawn to teach through curiosity, really. I couldn’t get enough of the yoga stuff! I wanted and needed to know more, wanted to deepen my practice and commit time and energy toward a more in-tune way of life. The urge to teach came from experiencing some truly wonderful teachers that helped me connect better with others and myself.

What’s your advice to someone who is new to yoga?
Try many different classes and teachers at first! I get so disappointed when someone takes a class that isn’t right for them and calls it quits. Check out new student specials around town and find the right class, time, and teacher for you. My mom always made me try a sport for a whole season—no quitting mid-way through. 30 days is a great time frame to try out all that a studio has to offer.

What is your favorite pose?
The answer to this question is always changing. Right now it’s Forward Fold… love to let it all hang.

What’s your favorite class to teach at M3? Favorite to take?
Slow Flow! I absolutely love the pace of this class. A big misconception is that Slow Flow is easy and boring—not the case at all! Slower can in fact be much more challenging.

I may be a littlie biased, but Yoga for Back Health is one of my favorites to take. The pace is just right and feels oh so good on the back. The teacher is pretty cute too

What do you enjoy most about M3?
Variety! This studio has everything to offer for everyone. From slow and gentle classes, to power and Rocket. It’s a one stop shop for yoga. Even the students are a diverse group. From children to folks in their 70s… it’s a very inclusive space. The teachers are wonderful and are very diverse in background, age, and teaching style.