Jan 28 & 29
Open House
We’re throwing open the doors and rolling out the mats for our Spring Open House on January 28 and 29!

More than 10 free classes to enjoy both days. Come stretch, sweat, align, strengthen, relax, de-stress and connect with us!

Register early, spots will fill up! Now’s the time to bring all your friends, family, bosses, rivals, cats?, and others!

We will have tons of surprises and goodies during the entire Open House, including giveaways, specials and snacks! A little birdie said there might be free neck and shoulder massages happening from our favorite masseuse.

January 28

  • 8am Inferno Bootycamp with Matt (waitlisted)
  • 10am Super Stretch with Kate
  • 12pm Hot Power Flow with Nick (waitlisted)
  • 3pm Inferno Strength with Katie (waitlisted)
  • 4pm Flow with Phelan
  • 5:30pm Candlelight Yin with Chase (waitlisted)
  • 6:30pm Divas in the Dark Inferno Hot Pilates with Nick (waitlisted)

January 29

  • 10am Inferno Hot Pilates with Sarah (waitlisted)
  • 10:30am Hatha with Chase
  • 12pm Core & Restore with Katie and Phelan (waitlisted)
  • 1pm Hot Power Flow with Chloe
  • 2pm Flow with Allison
  • 3pm Warm Super Stretch with Sydney (waitlisted)
  • 5pm Inferno Hot Pilates with Matt


Jan. 27 at 6
Asana Addicts: Arm Balances
Challenge yourself and grow your practice as Nick leads an Asana Addicts focused on arm balances January 27 at 6pm.

This is a two hour intermediate to advanced asana practice. Nick will guide you through poses in a smart way so that you can advance your practice in a safe, fun environment. Taught Hatha style with lots of time for demos, practicing and questions.

This is a 2 hour Level 2/3 class and a strong regular practice is recommended. This class is not heated.

Free for members

Jan. 29 at 12pm
Core & Restore

Join Phelan and Katie for this special co-taught class that combines Strong Core + Super Stretch + Restorative.
Start with a strong vinyasa class that focuses on working your core and then head into a stretchy hatha based movement before finally resting in Restorative poses and fully letting go. This is a 90 minute experience you won’t want to miss!

Free for members

Feb. 7 at 6pm
Crazy 8 Inferno Strength

Join Katie for this fun Crazy 8 Inferno Strength Class! 8 rounds of fun after our usual core and floor series.
Inferno Strength Pilates is an all-level class that is designed to take your full body workout to the next level! It is a one hour high intensity interval training class that also provides dumbbells and resistance bands and is a fantastic workout that is sure to challenge your mind and body in the best way possible!

February 12 at 12
Book Club
The M3Yoga Diversity and Inclusion Committee is hosting our February M3 Book Club meeting in the Moon Studio on February 12 at 12pm.

The book being discussed is My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies by Resmaa Menakem.

Book Club members should come prepared to discuss the book and their thoughts on this issue. The M3 Book Club is free and open to anyone who wants to join.

February 13 at 3
Palentines Flow & Meditation
Bring your yoga pal and join Kate and Sarah for this very special class combing a gentle flow and iRest on Sunday, February 13 at 3pm.

The first part of class will be a combination of stretching, intelligent movement and mindful breathing followed by an iRest meditation to help you fully melt into yourself and your heart.

Free for members (Guest Passes not valid)

February 14 at 7:30
F U, Love Me
Be your own date this Valentine’s Day! Take some time to love on yourself with this special flow themed around self love and empowerment. Nick will lead this special class February 14 at 7:30pm.

Capped off with some complementary chocolate, of course.

Free for members

February 27 at 4
Fundamentals of Balance & Yoga
Explore balance and the ways you can improve it as Kurt leads a February 27 workshop with actionable drills, a discussion on standing balancing poses and a practice.

In this workshop, Kurt will discuss some anatomy, and the relationship between our vision and the inner ear—vestibular system. There will be drills, exercises, and techniques you can learn. There will be plenty of options to explore three common standing balancing postures using props. We will close our time with a mindful Hatha practice so you can begin to put what you learn to use.

$30, $25 for members