August 21-22
Open House & Birthday Celebration

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re throwing a weekend bash! Join us August 21-22 for an Open House & Birthday Celebration!! Classes will be free all weekend.

August 21
8:30 Hatha with Sarah
10 Inferno Hot Pilates with Matt
12 Flow with Chloe
2 Restorative with Chase
4 Inferno Strength with Nick

August 22
8:30 Flow with Sydney
10 Inferno Strength with Katie
12 Super Stretch with Kate
2 Yin with Sarah
3 Hot Power Flow Lauren
4 Hatha with Phelan
5:30 Britney Spears Inferno Hot Pilates with Nick


August 7 at 12
Rocket Yoga Masterclass
Join Nick August 7 for a 90-minute, instructor-led masterclass of the Rocket Yoga system.

Derived from Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga is a set of 4 sequences practiced on different days of the week to complete a “system” of a total body practice. Try fun new poses you may not have ever seen in a yoga class before. Playful, exhilarating, and challenging.

As developed by Larry Schultz, Rocket Yoga is the original Power Yoga. Rocket Yoga is derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa and was founded to make Ashtanga more modern and accessible.

August 14 at 2
Core & Restore
Join Phelan and Katie August 14 for this special co-taught class that combines Strong Core + Super Stretch + Restorative.

Start with a strong vinyasa class that focuses on working your core and then head into a stretchy Hatha based movement before finally resting in Restorative poses and fully letting go. This is a 90 minute experience you won’t want to miss!

August 18 at 5:30
Flow & Meditate
Join Sydney August 18 for this special class combining movement and meditation. This is a great class to unwind your body and your mind.

Spend the first portion of class moving dynamically with breath in a vinyasa flow and the remainder of class in guided meditation.

August 28 at 1
Meditative Sound Bath
Relax August 28 with an hourlong experience designed to be deeply restorative. In this particular sound bath, Matt will focus on sounds to help with heart opening and meditative introspection.

A Sound Bath uses various instruments such as quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes or gongs to produce a sea of sounds that can reduce stress and rejuvenate your mind. You will leave feeling centered, refreshed and more present.

August 29 at 12
Inversions Workshop

Join Lauren August 29 in an Inversions Workshop as she walks you through an approachable and incremental way to work into inversions. There will be several inversions and preparatory drills but headstand, forearm stand and handstand will be highlighted.

This workshop is for all levels, whether you’ve never attempted a headstand or are working into holding a handstand in the middle of the room.

$30, $25 for members

August 30 at 5:30
M3 Book Club

The M3Yoga Diversity and Inclusion Committee is hosting an M3 Book Club meeting August 30 at 5:30pm in the Moon Studio.

The book being discussed is The Body Is Not An Apology (2nd edition): The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Renee Taylor. (Order your copy and shop locally with Avid Bookshop here)

Book Club members should come prepared to discuss the book and their thoughts on this issue. The discussion will be led by members of the committee.

The M3 Book Club is free and open to anyone who wants to join. We ask that you register so we have an accurate headcount.