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October 21 @ 2:30
Essential Oils Yoga

This workshop is for yogis interested in essential oils, essential oil enthusiasts, and yoga teachers eager to learn how to incorporate essential oils in their classes.

Essential oils have been used throughout yoga’s history, primarily in reference to yoga’s ayurvedic science. The benefits of essentials oils are vast including supporting your emotional needs, immune system, and physical health. Come and experience the benefits of pairing essential oils with your yoga practice.

This workshop, led by Kate Guthrie, will contain a brief introduction of essential oils that will be followed by a 75-minute meditative posture yoga class highlighting 6 different essential oils. Participants will be invited to experience selected essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally.

All participants will receive a Home Oil Practice bag with samples of selected oils distributed in class along with detailed information about how to use each oil at home.

*Please bring a full glass or stainless steel water bottle (optional).

Kate is a Pranakriya RYT 500 yoga teacher, and you will find her classes to be direct reflection of her Pranakriya training – centered around the breath while being present to both physical and emotional experiences. Kate is an essential oil enthusiast and a graduate student at the University of Georgia. She and her husband reside in Athens, GA with their almost 5-year-old son.

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November 3 @ 5:30
Yoga in the Tree Room

Ready to rock the Rocket in the tree room?! Come get your yoga fix in one of Athens coolest spots. We will be doing a Rocket III practice so we will bring our own heat (along with heaters on standby if needed) to warm up the November weather and have a lot of fun! Stick around after and get to know each other – or double it up and attend Glow Flow! Either way don’t miss this amazing opportunity to practice Rocket Yoga in an amazingly serene setting. Best yet, it’s FREE!

November 4 @ 12:30
Women’s Self-Defense Workshop
$20; $15 before October 14. Proceeds go to The Cottage and Project Safe.

Taught For Women, By Women

This workshop is designed to empower women with the confidence they need to protect themselves in a threatening situation. This is an approachable and accessible way for all women to learn.

The workshop will be led by Becky Grubbs, but will also include some of the women of Karate Oconee who will help demonstrate, guide technique, and hold pads for those that have never hit anything before. Having a confident pad holder is critical to confident hitting, which is really important for any woman to learn.  She needs be able to feel the full potential of her own strength.

Becky has roughly 15 years of martial arts training and is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and Instructor at Karate Oconee (formerly Borders Black Belt Academy), where she has trained children and adults in martial arts for the past 4 years.

This workshop is for women ages 13 and up, but this will be real-world, not sugar-coated. It will discuss some scary things, because it is important to be blunt with this.

The workshop will be split into two sections:

Hour 1
Fundamental Self-Defense Basics – Designed to increase awareness and instill the confidence needed to react strongly to a threat:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Body Language
  • Fierce Reaction
  • Zones of Attack
  • Vulnerable Targets

Hour 2
Real-World Scenarios – Designed to offer practical responses to common attacks including:

  • Wrist Grabs
  • Bear Hugs and Pick-ups
  • Choke Defense
  • Ground Defense: Being thrown or pinned to the ground

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December 2 @ 2:30
Arm Balance Essentials Workshop
$25; $20 before November 1.

Want to learn the essentials of balances on your hands? This workshop will focus on breaking down essential arm balances that you find in Vinyasa Flow and Rocket classes.

Crow pose, side crow with many variations, parsva bakasana, koundiyasana, and astavakrasana will be explored. Come ready to have fun and learn how it feels to get off your feet and onto your hands!

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