June 23 - July 23
Fundamentals of Yoga Immersion
$140, $120 before June 1. $70 for M3 members with active memberships

This immersion is designed to guide you in your growth as you dive deep into yoga. Led by M3 instructor and longtime Athenian Sarah Beam, this immersion approaches yoga from a holistic approach and is perfect for brand new yogis or experienced practitioners.

This immersion includes:
-A personalized plan and regular check-ins to see how you’re doing and how your practice is progressing
-An unlimited month of classes at M3Yoga from June 23-July 23 ($98 value)
-Three exclusive workshop classes with Sarah ($90 value).These classes will include detailed pose instruction and more.
June 23 10:30 – 12:30
July 7 2:30 – 4:30
July 21 2:30 – 3:30
-A supportive group of yogis you can bond with on and off the mat
-Self inquiry work to encourage inner movement to go along with your outer work
-Exclusive tutorials and email how-tos

Spaces are limited to ensure personalized attention!


June 7-9
Yoga Krama: Artful Sequencing
$325, $295 early bird

Learn how to tell a story through the body by sequencing masterful classes to help your students achieve success in their bodies and minds. Styles of classes include all levels vinyasa, peak pose classes, peak sequence classes, alignment based/hatha classes, energetic sequencing and sequencing to different levels. This is definitely the training to take to become a masterful teacher and learn more about how to get your students to understand yoga through their unique bodies.

Counts as 30 hours of continuing yoga education.

This can be counted as part of our 300 hour yoga teacher training.  See more here.

m3yoga class
June 23
Low Back Release Workshop

This workshop will focus on the low back – helping relieve tension and tightness while releasing the surrounding structures.

Myofasical Release (MFR) is a method of using various props to facilitate a deep release in the tissues of the body. In this workshop we will work systematically through the body to earn a greater understanding of what is happening and find new ranges of release and mobility. This will involve a multi-layered approach including lecture, visual slides of each muscle group, facilitated release with props, and time for specific questions related to individual concerns.

About Michael:
Michael Black is a Certified Rolfer® and Yoga teacher. He holds 200 and 500 hour yoga certifications, has completed several months of residential study at Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, six months of study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, and completed his Rolfing® certification from the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. He is wildly passionate about anatomy, body awareness, mindfulness, and helping people in any way he can.

July 26-28
Asana & Anatomy of the Hips
$325, $295 early bird

Join Nick Combs, RN E-RYT for a journey into the anatomy of the hips. We will explore the joints, musculoskeletal anatomy and how it relates to yoga. Lots of emphasis will be placed in applying knowledge gained to yoga teaching and effective cueing for both safety and alignment. Common dysfunction and how to modify through will also be addressed.

Counts as 30 hours of continuing yoga education.

This can be counted as part of our 300 hour yoga teacher training.  See more here.

m3yoga downward dog
July 27 @ 10
Align Those Hips

$35, $30 early bird

This is the hippest class in town. Join our resident yoga anatomy guru Nick as he take you through an exploration of the hips and its application to yoga. Think lots of standing poses and hip openers but done from activating the muscles that protect your joints and also give you the most benefit from your yoga practice. Our hips don’t lie.

Limited to 10 yogis.

m3yoga pigeon pose
September 27-29
The Threads of Yoga: Dive Into Philosophy
$325, $295 early bird

This module will explore some of the foundational yoga texts where the practice of yoga originates. The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and The Upanishads shall be the focus. Explore not only the unbelievable philosophy behind the practice of yoga but also learn how to apply it as a teacher. Learn how to theme your classes and translate this knowledge effectively and succinctly to your students.

Counts as 30 hours of continuing yoga education.

This can be counted as part of our 300 hour yoga teacher training.  See more here.

Yoga pranayama hands
October Through May
Yoga Teacher Training

Taught by Nick, a registered nurse and E-RYT, and Kate, E-RYT 500

Learn how to teach yoga while doing some self-exploration and growing with a community of fun, supportive people. This training will help you deepen your practice and share your passion for yoga.

Held once a month for eight months! Yoga Alliance certified.

m3yoga teacher training
Upcoming Events

  • Smart sequencing
  • Prenatal yoga teaching tips
  • Much, much more!

Past Events

  • Rocket Yoga Weekend Intensive
  • Flow Into Fall – Yoga in the Tree Room
  • Essential Yoga Workshop
  • Rocket Yoga in the Tree Room
  • Women’s Self-Defense Workshop
  • Black Friday Free Yoga All Day
  • Arm Balance Essential Workshop
  • Lululemon Athens Breathe It All In
  • Candlelight Flow
  • Yin Yoga and The Five Elements
  • The Perfect Date: Duo Flow
  • F U, Love Me: A Self-Love Date
  • Flow Into Spring
  • UGA School of Social Work Yoga/Guided Meditation
  • Low Back Release: A Myofascial Workshop
  • Silent Disco Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga and iRest Immersive Retreat
  • UGA North Campus Yoga Class
  • Orange Theory Fitness Super Stretch
  • Vinyl Vinyasa Glow Flow
  • Thai Massage Workshop
  • iRest in the Tree Room
  • New Studio Open House
  • Athens International Day of Yoga
  • Intro to Yoga Series
  • Open House & Birthday Party
  • Shoulder Tension Release: A Myofascial Release Workshop
  • Yoga Teacher Training Info Session
  • Asana & Anatomy of the Spine
  • 108 Sun Salutations
  • The Art of Holding Space
  • Low Back & Hip Release – A Myofascial Workshop
  • Athens Night Out: Food & Flow
  • Free Yoga Black Friday
  • Restorative Yoga and iRest Immersive Retreat
  • Goal Group
  • Dare to Fly: Aim
  • Rocket Yoga Teacher Training
  • Dare to Fly: Flow
  • Poetic Yoga: A Gentle Yoga Mary Oliver Tribute
  • iRest Exclusive Hour Class
  • Yoga Nidra/Meditation Immersion
  • Restorative Yoga & iRest Immersive Retreat
  • Asana Addicts
  • Dare to Fly: SOAR
  • Warrior Workout
  • Earth Day Flow in the Tree Room
  • Asana & Anatomy of the Shoulder
  • Down Dogs, Peacocks, Chaturangas, Oh My!
  • Asana Addicts: Inversions
  • Mama-ste, free yoga for moms