Fall Into Yourself Challenge

What if we told you there are stickers? Our Fall Into Yourself Challenge kicks off August 8 and is a fun way to keep track of your progress as fall starts and motivate yourself to come to class more often! Go at your pace, or see if you can challenge yourself to hit 25 classes to really jumpstart your fall!

Starting August 8 with our new fall schedule, there will be large wall charts in both the Sun and Moon Studio lobbies. On each chart, write your name on the left side and place a sticker next to it every time you take a class. The goal is to come to as many classes as possible August 8 to September 8.

How to join the challenge:
Anyone who comes to class—member, guest, intro offer, drop-in—is eligible to play along. Just add your name and a sticker to the chart after class.

We will draw randomly from everyone who adds themselves to the wall charts to hand out a slew of prizes from free membership to yoga mats and more!

If you come 25 or more times, you’ll automatically receive $15 retail credit added to your account to celebrate! We’ll hold prize drawings and enter retail credit in mid September.

Tips & tricks:
– Can’t make it one day? No worry, try to double up another day! Take a Hatha class followed by a Restorative class. Or enjoy Flow and then relax in Candlelight Yin.
– Get your Warrior friends involved for some friendly competition! Add your names together to keep track of when each of y’all is coming to have your own mini challenge
– Plan ahead! Book your classes for the week on Sunday night so you know when, and how often, you’re planning to come during the week. This will not only help you plan around your practice, but also motivate you to attend more classes