Yoga FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The M3 stands for mind, matter, movement.

We focus on keeping all three of those in alignment and a good place. A healthy mind and matter (body) are vital to happiness and longevity. And movement is the key to keeping both of those healthy.

The matter also stands for making a difference and mattering. It’s why our business is so community focused and dedicated to giving back to others whether that be through our yoga scholarship or hosting events that raise money for local nonprofits.

We have two studios, both in the Chase Park Warehouse in Athens Georgia. You can get to the warehouse from either Oneta Street or Tracy Street.

If coming from Oneta Street, turn right at the Athens Cotton Press sign. Coming from Tracy Street, take the first right past the large industrial-looking towers.

Our Power360 and Power Women360 classes are heated with infrared heat to 80-85 degrees. Each class will be progressively sequenced up to a peak pose focusing on opening and strengthening the parts of the body associated with the peak pose so you can accomplish it safely and effectively.

We also have a series of warm classes that a heated above room temperature to open your body up for maximum effect.

M3Yoga is the only studio in Athens to offer the original power yoga—Rocket Yoga. Founded by Larry Schultz and named by Bob Weir from The Grateful Dead, Rocket Yoga is meant to be fun, challenging, and playful, offering modifications and alternatives for new Ashtanga yogis.

We also offer our signature Power360 class, which is how we believe power yoga should be taught, intentional and smart.

There are a few different ways you can sign up.

  1. Use our online schedule tool to reserve your spot in the class(es) of your choice.
  2. Download the Mindbody app, search for M3Yoga and book your classes straight from your phone.
  3. Show up 15 minutes before the class starts. While we request that our students reserve a spot online or in the app, we also know life is crazy and that can’t always happen. If you’d like to attend a class without reserving a spot, please show up at least 15 minutes early so you can get signed up in the system.

If you’ve registered online or in the Mindbody app, all you you need to bring is yourself. We have mats (for free!) and props for those who want to use them. For longer or hot classes, you may want to bring a water bottle or face towel.

For new students, we recommend arriving 20 minutes early to fill out waivers, meet the instructor and get settled in. After your first class, we suggest you arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of the start time. Our instructors lock the door five minutes after the start of most classes, so being early is better than showing up late and missing your class! Some classes, such as Restorative, iRest and Meditation are locked at class time.

• If you signed up online or using the Mindbody app, you’ll sign in at the front desk. If you didn’t, give your name to the front desk staff so he/she can check you in.

• Take off your shoes and place them in the rack, then store your belongings in our free lockers.

• Be sure and tell the instructor if you have any health issues or injuries so they give suggestions on how to do the poses in a safe and healthy way for you.

• Turn off cell phones or put them on silent to avoid disruptions. If you are expecting an emergency call during your class, we recommend keeping your phone next to your mat on silent.

Parking is free and plentiful. We do share a large lot with many other growing businesses, so it can be crowded at times, but there’s plenty of parking all along the back of the warehouse and even a large paved lot on the side.

We have B Mats yoga mats as well as some yoga apparel, including M3Yoga shirts and water bottles. Twenty percent of our retail sales go to a yoga scholarship to provide classes to those who can’t afford them.

Very few people come to yoga naturally flexible. Many of the people you see doing the advanced poses have been practicing yoga for years. Just like anything, you get better the more often you do it; flexible poses are no different.

Obviously consult with your doctor before starting anything, but at M3Yoga, we firmly believe that there is a type of yoga for EVERY body. That’s why we offer different types of yoga classes and teach our instructors how to offer pose modifications based on skill levels.

Yes! M3Yoga’s founder Nick Combs actually battles his own degenerative disc disease. Our therapeutic classes are designed for those who need to take it a little slower and want to focus on the amazing healing aspects of yoga. Whether an injured young athlete or a 65-year-old dealing with chronic diseases, we believe there’s a yoga that can help you and your body. Don’t forget to still check with your doctor for medical clearance.

A lot of our therapeutic classes are great for beginners or those who haven’t practiced in a while. We also offer a Yoga Fundamentals class each week for those who want a class dedicated solely to newer yogis.

If you’d like a class recommendation or a custom yoga plan, email us. 

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