Finding The Right Class Using Our Key

All our classes in the M3Yoga app and online have descriptions with a key that can help you understand what to expect from class. 

Level: Range from 1-3, with 1 being suitable for beginners and 3 being best for advanced yogis.

Heat: Most of our classes are room temperature, but we do have heated and warm classes. Our heated classes are heated using far infrared heat, so it doesn’t feel stuffy and provides an excellent class experience. Even if you’ve tried hot yoga in the past, try one of these and feel the difference! It’s hot yoga done right. 

Style: We offer 5 different styles of yoga classes ranging from Flow to Restorative. We encourage all Warriors to try each type to get a true feel for our variety. A yoga practice that incorporates multiple styles can be really help you reach your goals. 

Stretch: Ranked out of 5, this will let you know how much muscle lengthening and stretching you can expect from the class. Almost all of our classes will help you stretch in some way, but some are designed to REALLY help you stretch. 

Strengthening: This gives you an idea of the amount of muscular activation cued during a class. Higher numbers mean more targeted muscular work. Expect to tone and strengthen more the higher the number is.

Pace: Slow, moderate or fast. Remember, when you’re first starting out, a lot of classes will seem slightly fast, but will slow down as you continue and feel more comfortable with poses and the practice. And in all our classes, feel comfortable taking a break as your body needs. Make the practice your own.