From Nurse to Yoga Studio Owner

Private class yoga

I have been a nurse for almost 10 years now, starting at arguably the top hospital in the world, Johns Hopkins. When I began my nursing career I felt like I found my calling. My place in the world. The fire inside me when I was taking care of postop heart surgery patients was visceral. I felt alive.

I have transitioned through the ER, Surgery, Substance Abuse and still love nursing so much but along that transitional road I also found yoga. All of a sudden instead of helping someone heal, I was healing myself. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. I realized that along the road to healing others, I forgot how important it was to also heal myself.

Yoga helped facilitate that for me. It wasn’t and still isn’t about the asana or physical practice as much as I love it. It is something difficult to describe and deeper. I took a teaching training, and then enrolled in a therapeutic training, and took workshops, I felt like I did when I was at Hopkins. I felt alive again.

I then started teaching yoga to group classes and then some of my clients at the treatment facility I worked. I saw them get that same burn I did. The realization that we all can heal. We don’t have to give all our energy away. We can, and HAVE to, save some for ourselves.

So I took a risk, I decided to open my own therapeutic yoga studio. My intention and core beliefs is not to one day be youtube famous and have ten zillion followers, but to help people heal. I found that I was uniquely qualified to blend western and eastern modalities and help people feel better about themselves. Combining ten years of nursing experience and yoga instruction and here I am, opening M3Yoga. 

Today, I doubted myself (and have so many times along this journey) and I received such a beautiful letter as I entered my studio today from a student who has started her journey of healing through yoga and then remembered why I am doing this. To help. To be a nurse. To be a yoga instructor. To be a healer. To be a vessel. To facilitate self-inquiry and love. To follow that burn, that passion. To translate that others. Oh, and to be a studio owner that is scared &*%$less of the future. But hey, I have yoga for that, right?

Those of you who have attended my classes know I am a quote-a-holic so I will leave you with this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams”.

Namaste and all that jazz,