Rotating Free Week of Yoga for those Who Make Our Community Better

To give back and celebrate that we’ve all made it through such a difficult time, we’re launching a Summer of Gratitude! Each week is designated for a special group who can claim their free week pass and come as many time as they want!

And be sure to share this! We want to spread the love this summer. So pass this link on to any and all friends, family, acquaintances & people you know who qualify for some gratitude!

  • Healthcare Workers

    May 31 – June 6

  • Parents & Caregivers

    June 7-13

  • Teachers & Educators

    June 14-20

  • Business Owners

    June 21-27

  • Service Industry

    June 28 – July 4

  • Artists & Musicians

    July 5-11

  • Retail Workers

    July 12-18

  • Mental Health Experts & Social Workers

    July 19-25

  • Higher Ed & School Employees

    July 26 – August 1



How do I claim my free week?
Scroll up to your group above and click “CLAIM YOUR FREE WEEK HERE” for the group you fall under. Your pass will automatically be valid for your group’s week.

Do I have to start my free week right away?
You must start it within the dates listed for your group or the pass will expire. We open up the passes and class registrations 7 days ahead of time.

What does my free week include?
Unlimited in studio and livestream classes!

Can I get multiple free weeks?
No, due to limited capacity we ask that if you fall into multiple groups, you only claim one week so we have room to thank others. If we see you are registered for two passes, we will deactivate the second one automatically.

How do I sign up for classes?
The easiest way to sign up for class is by using the M3Yoga app. Download the app from Apple/iPhone or Android/Google. We open up class pre-registration 7 days in advance to ensure everyone has a fair chance to register.

What do I need to bring with me?
A mat, water bottle and a great attitude! For longer or hot classes, you may want to bring a face towel or mat towel as well.

Where is M3Yoga?
Our studios are in the Chase Park Warehouse in Athens. Both the Sun Studio and Moon Studio are on the backside of the Athens Cotton Press building in custom built spaces designed for yoga. The address for GPS is 149 Oneta Street Suite 6E1 Athens, GA 30601.

I’m not flexible or in shape. Can I do yoga?
Yes! We firmly believe that there is a type of yoga for EVERY body. That’s why we offer different types of yoga classes and teach our instructors how to offer pose modifications based on skill levels. We have students of all body types, shapes and sizes in our classes.

What’s a good class to start with?
Our Super Stretch or Hatha classes are great for beginners or those who haven’t practiced in a while. For more advanced yogis, our Hot Power Flow and Hot Strong Core are great options. And our exclusive Inferno Hot Pilates or Inferno Strength Pilates are perfect for all levels looking to get a great workout in. You can learn more about our classes offered here.

What do I do after my free week if I want to keep taking classes?
Join! Become an official M3 Warrior with a monthly membership. We offer flexible memberships that start at $78, with discounts for many of the Community Warrior groups we’re honoring with the free weeks!

Upcoming Schedule

Registration for studio classes opens on a rolling 7 day basis; for example, in-studio classes on June 8 can be booked starting June 1.