Class Category: Anatomical Hatha

Super Stretch

An M3Yoga signature class: Get ready to streeeeetch it out in the Anatomical Hatha Yoga class. Super Stretch is designed to lengthen muscles that get tight with repetitive use – whether it be from weight training, work repetition, running, or just being a western person. Class is slower paced and is anatomically focused, each class […]

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This empowering alignment-based hatha yoga class focuses on engagement, strong alignment and may have longer holds in poses to recruit activation of muscle groups and challenge you in new ways. This accessible class will focus less on the choreography of vinyasa yoga (less chaturanga) and more on pose oriented progressions. Class may be a full […]

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Warm Super Stretch

One of M3’s signature classes with a little far-infrared heat added to help muscles lengthen and release easier. This is NOT your sweaty power yoga class – infrared heat helps promote increased blood flow to sore or injured areas, elevates mood and assists in muscle lengthening. This Anatomical Hatha Yoga class is designed to lengthen […]

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