Class Category: Flow Yoga

m3yoga mind matter movement

M360 Flow

A class you can only get at M3, M360 is your go-to complete yoga practice. This class is an anatomical vinyasa flow, where movement and breath are centered around strengthening an area of the body. Intelligent sequencing, grounding breathing techniques, and active muscle engagement. Every class follows a similar structure but each teacher puts their…

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m3yoga goddess pose

Hot Power Flow

This vinyasa flow class turns up the volume (and the heat) as you explore sun salutations, standing poses, backbends, twists, forward folds, inversions and arm balances. Class is dynamic and fluid as you move from one posture to the next with the breath. Expect to sweat, be challenged and grow in your practice. Dynamic sequencing…

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m3yoga tree pose


Vinyasa flow is a unique style of yoga where postures are linked together in a continuous, creative flow. Sun Salutations, standing postures, twists, backbends and forward folding. Each movement is timed on an inhale or exhale. You will combine strength and flexibility while toning the body and clearing the mind. Fluid, dynamic and exciting. Students…

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m3yoga restorative class

Slow Flow

In a slow vinyasa flow, you will intentionally flow through sequences that help connect the breath and body. This class is more therapeutic in nature compared to a regular Vinyasa class. The sequence will focus on stretching and breath-centered movement. Props are encouraged to allow you to fully achieve each pose without discomfort and achieving…

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Hot Strong Core

Light your core UP in this heated core-focused vinyasa class. Core exercises and drills are woven together throughout the flow that target all muscle groups involving your midsection, including the deep core stabilizers. Get stronger, sweat, and burn your cares away away in the dynamically fun flow class. We add a little of our far-infrared…

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