Class Category: Flow

Candlelight Flow & Yin

This is a combination of our Slow Flow and Candlelight Yin classes. You will start by bringing in a little movement to the body before settling into yin postures, which are held for longer and deeply stretch the connective tissues so you leave feeling long and relaxed. Lit by candlelight to help the mind check…

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m3yoga tree pose


Flow (Vinyasa) is a unique style of yoga where postures are linked together in a continuous, creative flow. Each movement is timed on an inhale or exhale. You will combine strength and flexibility while toning the body and clearing the mind.   Students are encouraged to move at their own pace with intention and to listen to…

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m3yoga spinal twist

Flow & Restore

This class is a mixture of slow, intentional vinyasa that settles into deep restorative postures. It is kind of like fine yoga chocolate. This is a great class to get the best of both worlds, vinyasa movement and restorative yoga. This class is amazing for advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Just like M3Yoga, it is…

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m3yoga restorative class

Slow Flow

In Slow Flow, you will go through a sequence that helps connect the breath and body. This class is more therapeutic in nature compared to a regular Vinyasa class. The sequence will focus more on stretching and breathing. Props are encouraged to allow you to fully achieve each pose without discomfort. ___________________ Level (1, 1-2,…

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m3yoga warrior two

Yoga Fundamentals

Vinyasa or flow yoga is a style where the breath is used to time movement. In Yoga Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to link postures together in a continuous flow that coordinates with your inhales and exhales. Students are encouraged to go at their own speed and skill level. Our experienced instructors offer modifications for yogis…

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