Class Category: Therapeutic

Alignment Yoga

Alignment yoga is Iyengar and hatha inspired. Poses will be held, often with the use of many props, so that alignment can be dissected and used to achieve maximum comfort in the pose. Come expecting to learn how to get deeper into a pose and how to orient your body for safety and for maximum…

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Woman with folded prayer hands uses yoga prop in class

Centering Flow

This class uses traditional yoga postures to both stretch and strengthen the body. Postures are led in a slow and meditative manner, focusing on longer holdings and deep breathing in order to build heat and awareness throughout the practice. It is intended to provide an internal experience of connecting body and mind. *Can be modified…

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Flow & Yin

This class starts out with a slow vinyasa flow and the settles into deep holds targeting fascial/connective tissues. This is a great complement to other forms of exercise and also is deeply therapeutic for the body. You get the best of both worlds, vinyasa and yin. Yin yoga comes from eastern medicine philosophy and targets…

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iRest meditation posture


iRest is a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry. iRest seeks to help people resolve their pain and suffering by rediscovering their essential wholeness and their interconnectedness with all of life. In our iRest sessions, we will delve right into the practice of iRest with ample time for questions and reflections afterwards.

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Yoga pranayama hands

Pranayama & Meditation

When practicing pranayama, we restrain or enhance our breath so that we feel more alive and create an increase in prana flowing through our bodies. The ancient yoga texts teach that we do not know what we really are, but if we look closely, we will find that we are beings of love and light,…

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Restorative Vinyasa

This class is a mixture of slow, intentional vinyasa that settles into deep restorative postures. It is kind of like fine yoga chocolate. This is a great class to get the best of both worlds, vinyasa movement and restorative yoga. This class is amazing for advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Just like M3Yoga, it is…

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Restore & Reset

This class focuses on resetting the week and preparing for the next using slow flow and restorative postures. Lots of props are utilized to get you comfy and relaxed. The instructor pulls from inspiring readings and healing quotes in between postures to help click the “reset button”.

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Slow Flow

In Slow Flow, you will go through a sequence that helps connect the breath and body. This class is more therapeutic in nature compared to a regular Vinyasa class. The sequence will focus more on stretching and breathing. Props are encouraged to allow you to fully achieve each pose without discomfort.

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Super Stretch

Get ready to streeeeetch out. This class is designed to lengthen muscles that get tight with repetitive use–whether it be from weight training, work repetition, running, or not using them in a while. Many props will be used, and this class will be vinyasa based however be deeply therapeutic with sometimes longer holds with yin…

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Thai & Fly

This class uses deep stretching with the help of another person in the basis of lunar acroyoga. You will learn how to safely fly into therapeutic stretching postures. This is great for spinal extension and tight muscles. The class ends with Thai massage instruction with more deep stretching and relaxation. Most postures and massage techniques…

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