Alex Pauley

Alex Pauley


Alex Pauley (CYT, PhD) is a visually impaired yoga instructor and accessibility advocate located in Atlanta, GA. She provides nervous system supportive classes and workshops for movement and wellness, self-exploration, and self-advocacy, particularly for those living with disability, chronic illness, or history of trauma.

Rooted in the knowledge that joy and laughter are essential medicines, Alex injects delight and encouragement into all her offerings. In 2018, her autobiographical play, Depth Perception, about building a new normal with visual impairment and medical PTSD won the Audience Choice Award for Best Ensemble Show at the annual Atlanta Fringe Festival.

Alex is most passionate about fostering accessibility and belonging for all in yoga and wellness spaces, where many individuals who could deeply benefit from movement, meditation, and other socially medicinal practices are often unintentionally excluded. She also firmly believes that when we create inclusive tools and accessible spaces for those most in need, we inevitably innovate in ways that benefit the whole of society.

On top of teaching at M3, Alex also provides trauma-informed and nervous system supportive yoga classes to private clients, a behavioral outpatient center, and local nonprofits like the Dharma Project.

In 2024, Alex launches her signature Restoration + Regulation Program based on tools and practices she currently uses with private clients to build helpful, accessible stress management habits. This 6-week guided online group course provides science-backed nervous system regulation practices for a calmer, more productive, more

enjoyable life experience.

Alex holds certifications as a 200-hour yoga teacher from Tough Love Yoga, as a trauma-informed yoga and somatic movement instructor from Collective Resilience Yoga, and as a breath coach from YOGABODY. Additionally, she holds a PhD in a behavioral science from Georgia State University, where she studied the impact of narratives and media on social stereotypes and political opinions.