Allison Howard


Allison began a steady yoga practice in 2017, when pressures from work and new motherhood were beginning to feel overwhelming. The practice of yoga allowed her to come home to her body and find a physical strength she had not known was possible. Yoga was also an opportunity to explore connection to her community in a new way and to allow herself to be seen and accepted by others.

Allison completed her 200 hour YTT through M3Yoga Center in 2019. Her classes are explorations of strength and self inquiry as well as an invitation to renew body and mind.

Outside of the yoga studio, Allison is a faculty member in the UGA Department of Psychology, teaching classes in perception, physiological psychology, and behavior.

For Allison, yoga is both enriched and informed by knowledge and appreciation of the human mind, while the practice and teaching of yoga lend sustainability and balance to academic life.

Where are you from? Mount Holly, North Carolina

How long have you lived in Athens? Since 2008

What’s your passion? My passion is my family. Life hasn’t always been easy, but my little family with my daughter and my husband is my sanctuary. Investing in them and growing with them is my greatest joy. Professionally, I really love teaching in all its forms. It’s amazing to watch students grow and see them seeing themselves in a new light. 

Favorite book? Recently, I really loved “Love Warrior” by Glennon Doyle

Favorite movie? Harold and Maude

Favorite restaurant? Anywhere that has a poke bowl

Favorite place you’ve been? My field research site in northeast Brazil, Boa Vista

When did you start practicing Yoga and why? 
I remember buying a “yoga for dummies” book way back when I was in middle school but not being able to follow the poses from the printed photos. Flash forward 20+ years and I started doing occasional prenatal yoga classes during my pregnancy in 2015. My regular yoga practice began at M3 in 2017. So, I guess it was always something I was drawn toward, but finally found a permanent place in my life in 2017.

What’s your favorite Yoga style?
I like them all, but my favorite style is probably a very slow, intentional flow that requires a lot of strength. 

How long have you taught yoga? What inspired you to teach?
I completed yoga teacher training in September 2019. I was inspired to teach because I learned that teaching is a practice unto itself that allows me to connect to other people and to find a new understanding of myself through connection. 

What’s your advice to someone who is new to yoga?
Try as many styles and teachers as you can. Make it a regular practice, coming to class as frequently as you can to really feel the benefits. Know that no one else that matters is judging your poses or your body or your performance. Yoga is about you, for you. 

What is your favorite pose? 
It changes all the time. Right now it’s extended side angle. 

What’s your favorite class at M3?
I love M360. I love starting with movement, focusing on an anatomical region, and learning about yoga philosophy. It’s the complete package for me. 

What do you enjoy most about M3? 
The people. I love that the space is inclusive and that people from a variety of backgrounds can feel at home there. I also love the consistency of service for students and the orientation toward yoga as a real, legitimate pursuit in the modern world.