Chase Preston-White



Chase began practicing yoga when he was 15 at the YMCA a bike ride away one long and boring summer. For almost a decade after, Chase casually dropped into classes or practiced at home as a form of self-care, and even self-improvement. Then, one fateful day, Chase was invited to his first Yin yoga class. It was still. It was quiet. Different, more than a workout. There was time to breathe. There was space to adjust. the teacher asked, are you investing in yourself? could you just be and notice? Chase’s practice deepened thru stillness in that first Yin yoga class and later thru spacious renditions of many styles, from Vinyasa Flow to Hatha yoga. He is now in the midst of his second 200hr and first 300hr training, both at M3 Yoga, where he has been teaching for more than 2 years. Chase’s classes are founded on the belief that, when crafted for individuals, and rooted in South Asian yoga philosophy, a modern yoga practice can reveal to us possibilities way out and beyond “self-improvement,” or even self-care. But what that is for you, only you can tell.