Chase White


For Chase White, yoga doesn’t begin and end on the mat. It is a lifestyle. He believes that what we do on the mat is both an end in itself and also a means of cultivating focus, balance, strength, restraint, and mindfulness that can follow us off of the mat and keep us in our day’s unintentional moments. His classes lean heavily into the arms of Pranayama (breath control), for the peace of mind found there. Pranayama might take many forms. In Chase’s classes that form is often chanting or singing. While he has met folks who couldn’t perform, he has never met someone who couldn’t sing or practice yoga, which can be and in Chase’s classes are, as the breath is: not for show, but for love of life.

When Chase at the age of 15 started practicing Hatha Yoga at his local Y, he was delighted to find that there were names for things he had been doing for most of his life, including various Asanas (postures) and Pranayama techniques. That these were natural to do, he well knew, but that others thought so, too, was a revelation. Since then (he is now 26) he has practiced yoga with the satisfaction that he is not alone in his desire to go inward and find there what can only be found there: you name it. Now he is a graduate of Rubber Soul Yoga’s 2018 Adventure Club, is therefore a certified 200-hour yoga instructor, and is so happy to share what enthusiasm and knowledge he has with other aspirants.