DD Allen

DD Allen


She/ Her/ Hers

Teaching Style

DD believes Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) is a workout for everyone at every level. She brings high energy with an awesome playlist that will motivate and keep you moving. Showing up on the mat is the hardest part. Once you show up she will show out with a workout that will leave you feeling stronger than ever. She truly loves the practice and it shows in every class.

How Inferno Hot Pilates Serves DD

Why IHP? Well the answer is simple…because it works and truly creates visible results. It is a full body workout designed to create strong and lean muscles, burn fat and improve your overall health. She sees the possibility in every student after herself experiencing a dramatic body transformation in losing over 30 pounds and creating a lean and defined body she had always dreamed of. The strength you build through this practice will be evident inside and out. Show up and leave it on the mat.


Delenya began taking IHP classes in 2018 and became a certified instructor in 2020. She is excited to be teaching and inspiring others around her since moving back to Atlanta last year. Outside of her role as a fitness instructor, DD practices as a surgeon with a focus on weight loss and truly believes in IHP; not only for her patients but for anyone who wants to transform their health and maintain the results. Anything and everything is really possible.

Words of Wisdom: You are already doing the hardest part when you show up on the mat for 1 hour dedicated to you and no one else. Keep showing up. Keep getting stronger. Keep working on becoming a better person on the inside and out. And if no one has told you…YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE UNIQUE, YOU ARE CAPABLE!