m3yoga Jamie Diaz

Jamie Diaz


Jamie’s yoga journey began while pursuing her graduate degree in fine arts at UGA in 2014, and she has been practicing ever since. In seeking ways to cultivate mindfulness, presence and non-attachment, Jamie found that the moving mediation that yoga offered gave her an opportunity to ground and connect with her breath, especially in a time where slowing down came in rare moments.

As a graduate student, identifying and relating to the practice of yoga provoked the awareness and importance of intention and dedication in the most challenging times, while offering a safe place to release expectation, fears, and self doubts. She is most drawn to the Vinyasa practice as it presents challenges in physical movement and mental endurance, all the while urging you to remain present and connected to the breath.

Jamie is an inversion junkie and thoroughly connects to the ideas of working progressions and modifications as the most important take away is not the evocation of the pose, but the embodiment and resonance of exploring our own individualized yoga. Jamie is encouraged by the wonderful and uplifting community aspects of yoga and hopes to create a safe space collaboratively within her classes, as she feels that this shared practice implores accessibility, challenge, and most importantly joy.