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Lindsey Hammond


Lindsey is a wandering yogi currently based in Athens. Sharing the grounding peace that she gets from yoga is one of her favorite things. As a fitness instructor since 2008 and a dedicated yogi for 5 years, she integrates western knowledge of the body with the ancient wisdom of yoga in classes that inspire. Lindsey’s classes focus on integrating breath and movement to ground students in their bodies and always include a few laughs. She believes wholeheartedly in the transformative powers of yoga to bring peace. Check out wanderlulu.com/yoga for more on her story and style.

Where are you from? Nowhere! I’m an Air Force brat, and Athens is the 19th place I’ve lived!

How long have you lived in Athens? 2 years. I moved to town in August 2016 to start working on my doctorate.

What’s your passion? My biggest passions are cultivating inner and outer peace through kindness and helping people learn to love themselves and trust themselves to grow into their best selves!

Favorite book? Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Favorite movie? Homeward Bound

Favorite restaurant? In the world? Seeds of Life Cafe in Ubud, Bali. In Athens? LRG Provisions

When did you start practicing yoga and why?
In 2012, I started practicing yoga for movement. I used to be a group fitness instructor, so I wanted to continue moving. I began yoga for exercise but continued for the benefits it brought to my mental health and the peace I got after a class.

What’s your favorite Yoga style?
Super Flowy Vinyasa

How long have you taught yoga? What inspired you to teach?
I completed my teacher training in January. I teach because of the peace that I get when I practice, and that I truly believe it’s a good way to make the world a better place.

What’s your advice to someone who is new to yoga?
Any amount of the pose is the pose

What is your favorite pose?
Lizard pose

What’s your favorite class to teach at M3? Favorite to take?
I love teaching Vinyasa, and I love to take Rocket classes.

What do you enjoy most about M3?
I love the sense of community M3Yoga has, as well as how inclusive and fun everyone is here.