m3yoga matt chambers co-owner

Matt Chambers


Matt found yoga through his partner Nick, who has a strong passion for it. He’d taken a few classes before, but never done much with the practice. In July 2017, Nick and Matt came together to launch M3Yoga as a full yoga studio in Athens, GA. Since then, he’s enjoyed watching the community grow and giving back to the Athens community for all their support and love.

In 2019, Matt discovered sound baths and sound healing. A new passion blossomed from there. After training with the renowned Danielle Hall in Atlanta, he brought his love for sound baths back to M3Yoga. At first through special events, but eventually leading to a weekly class.

Matt also manages the marketing, branding, website and behind-the-scenes studio operations. Don’t be surprised to see him at the front desk, taking out trash or even on the mat next to you!