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Phelan La Velle



Phelan has been practicing yoga for almost two decades. After receiving her 200 hour from Bill Cotrell in 2010, she led weekly donation based vinyasa classes at a local theater in Athens. She eventually began teaching as a job in studio. This led her to enroll in a 300 hour certification program with Noah Maze which she completed in 2019. She has since trained with Darren Rhodes a number of times and is currently greatly inclined towards hatha yoga, tho vinyasa will always be her first love. Her classes blend the poetic art of alignment with levity and self compassion. As a lifetime musician, you’ll always catch a fresh playlist from her flow class. She enjoys dancing, snacking, and kissing her husband and 2 dogs.

On yoga, she says, “I love yoga, it is my best friend. It shows me how to love myself in the best way so I can love others in the best way. It teaches me that the content is in the transitions, the more difficult, the more important. Yoga gives me a very special way of expression which enables me to translate and enhance the rest of my reality. I feel so grateful to be able to give yoga to other people, it takes my experience next level and blows my mind every time.”