Susan Fontaine


    Susan has been practicing yoga consistently since 2010 as a personal outlet from chronic anxiety and the stress of teaching special education all day. She was feeling fatigued and mentally drained but practicing yoga was always rejuvenating for both her body and mind.

    She wanted to deepen her understanding of the practice, so completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2016. After resigning from teaching special education to have a baby early 2017, yoga has helped her find and hold onto her personal purpose after these major life changes. Then she practiced Rocket Yoga. She loves that the sequences feel challenging and strengthening yet are nurturing to the body and mind. She attended Rocket Teacher Training in May 2018, and is excited to begin her journey as a yoga teacher through the Rocket.

    “I love the philosophy of challenging but accepting yourself where you are in each moment. We wouldn’t call it a ‘practice’ if we could do all of the poses all of the time.”