m3yoga Whitney Osborne

Whitney Osborne


Whitney has lived in Athens since 2006, where she went to school to become an art educator and worked as one for 7 years after that. In 2017 she left teaching to dive into the world of full time entrepreneurship and start her creative company, Off the Wall Photo Booths.
While most of her days are spent working in her home office or out at weddings, corporate parties, or community events (her favorite), she makes sure to dedicate time each week for her family, trapeze classes, and of course, yoga!
For Whitney, yoga is the best kind of stress relief, and perfect for balancing out her hours of sitting in front of a computer screen. She loves getting upside down and trying new, challenging poses, even though she may fall on her face every once in a while.
She enjoys being involved in the behind-the-scenes action of M3, and loves being a part of the Athens yoga community in general!