Zach Jones


Zack started doing yoga in 2011 to alleviate shoulder pain. To his surprise the yoga not only helped with the pain but increased his range of motion and built strength and flexibility in his shoulders. Wanting to learn more about yoga, he took a 200 hour Hatha teacher training in the fall of 2012. Pursuing his interests of strength, balance, and flexibility, Zach began to practice the Bikram Yoga sequence intensively for the next two years.

Taking a year off from yoga in 2015 Zach found his love for movement reborn when he was introduced into partner acrobatics, also known as acroyoga. His love for partner acrobatics stems from controlled breathing, mindful movement, and connecting with the person you are working with. Through partner yoga Zach discovered a new way to connect with himself, others, and the world around him.

To complement his rigorous training of partner acrobatics, Zach found himself indulging in the therapeutic side of partner movement and stretching. Completely enamored with the healing and relaxation benefits of this therapeutic practice, Zach became certified in 2016 as a Yoga Teacher of Trust and acquired a second certification in 2017 as a partner and acrobatics instructor and coach.