Yoga Teacher Trainee: Kayla Carnes

Kayla is one of the yoga teacher trainees in our Spring 2019 cohort. Read more about her story and why she’s training at M3Yoga. 

Where are you from? Detroit, Michigan

Where do you live? Athens

Favorite place you’ve been? Malealea, Lesotho, South Africa

What’s your passion? Utilizing stories, beauty and creativity to inspire social change.

Favorite pose? Tree to toe stand (Ardha Padmasana Vrksasana to Eka Padangusthasana).

How long have you practiced yoga?
Since June 2017.

What’s your favorite yoga style?

Why did you decide to attend teacher training?
Yoga has been the ladder that’s helped me climb out of the pit of depression, anxiety and PTSD. I had only been practicing three months when I knew in my bones that helping people like me experience freedom through movement was going to be my life.

Why did you decide to train at the M3Yoga Center?
Although I practice at a different studio, I chose to do my teacher training at M3 because I saw the studio embody a different approach to teaching—one that was focused on the person instead of the pose. Every encounter I’ve had with a teacher, student or coordinator at M3 has been intentional, compassionate and motivating, and has challenged me to expand my understanding of yoga from perfect postures to breath, stillness, humility and radical inclusion.

What has been your favorite part of the training so far?
The humans taking the training alongside me. Something extraordinary happens when you gather a diverse group of people who all have a similar goal—you get your ass kicked while also simultaneously receiving more patience and love than you could possibly have expected.

What’s been the hardest part of the training so far?
Vulnerability. Selectively sharing information and opening up when it feels rewarding is easy; opening up, and then STAYING open for days/weeks/months at a time, is fucking hard. But the cost of baring your true self, asking those so-called “dumb” questions and falling on your ass in pose lab is worth every ounce of the awkwardness and fear when what you’re vulnerable about is received without judgement.

What is one thing you wish you knew before the training?
Don’t expect your day one to look like another person’s day 10,000. Part of the beauty of yoga is that it’s a journey; your process is just as important as the result you’re working for.

What is your advice to someone considering teacher training?
What would you tell a friend who said that they were incredibly passionate about yoga, and were considering yoga teacher training? You would tell them to go for it. Talk to yourself like you would talk to that friend—yes, you are worthy, you are ready, and you can’t fail. DO IT!


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