Leap Month Challenge

What better way to grow than with a (fun) challenge? Meet February’s Leap Month Challenge! Let’s celebrate the extra day this month by committing to our growth.

This challenge has our biggest M3 prize ever—an entire YEAR of unlimited yoga for free!!!

Free to play (Open to all new and existing M3 Warriors)
Runs February 1 to February 29

How to participate:

  1. Starting Feb. 1, grab a card in studio and fill in your first & last name

  2. Mark off a spot every time you come to class

  3. Practice yoga!

How to win:
You’re entered to win once for every 5 classes you take in February.

Take 20 classes and get double entries. Take 29 and get triple entered!

Each card has a free entry as well if you fill it out and hang it in the studio.

Note: You can only mark off spots up to two times per day.

SPECIAL BONUS ENTRIES: Sign up for a membership during February and you’re automatically entered in to win 5 times!

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