Livestream Yoga Classes

Sign up for class via the M3Yoga app, schedule below or Mindbody, and we’ll email you a link 20-30 minutes before class so you can get connected to the class.

What is a livestream class?
Our online virtual yoga classes are taught by live M3Yoga instructors via a Zoom broadcast. It allows you to practice live with an M3 instructor and other Warriors no matter where you are.

What do I need to be able to attend the livestreams?
Our classes are livestreamed through your computer or phone via Zoom, a video conference call software. Zoom works with all major mobile devices and most computers (Windows, Mac and Linux). Zoom can use a microphone or webcam, but neither are required to attend a livestream class.

How do I take an livestream class?
All livestream classes are on the schedule in the M3Yoga app and Mindbody. You sign up like you would an in-person class, using a membership or class pass.

About 20-30 minutes before your class time, you’ll receive an email from FitGrid with a unique URL that’s just for you. Since the email is 20-30 minutes before class, you must book AT LEAST 30 minutes before class.

Clicking that URL in the email will take you to a virtual video conference call, where our instructor will be livestreaming from the studio. (Note: For your first livestream class, you will be prompted to download Zoom if you do not already have it on your computer or phone)

I booked a class, but can’t find the email with the link to it.
If it is less than 20 minutes before class and you haven’t received the link, check your Spam/Junk/Promotions folders in your email. The email is sent from FitGrid LIVE as the sender, so be sure you’re looking for that. If you still can’t find it, email us or call 706-214-2232 and we’ll send you the link directly. We have someone at the control center ready to reply prior to all live classes.

I booked a class, but can’t make it anymore. Will I be charged?
We’ve suspended late cancellation and no show fees for livestream classes during this time, so no worries. We do ask that if you can, please cancel so we aren’t worrying that something has gone from technologically.

What is a livestream class like?
A livestream class is similar to an in-person yoga class. You’ll have an instructor leading the class, calling out cues and demonstrating as needed. There may be music, depending on the instructor and class type.

Will I be able to talk to the instructor?
If time permits, you may be able to talk to the instructor before class, but during the class, all student microphones will be muted to provide the best yoga experience possible and ensure everyone can hear the instructor. There is a chat feature that you are be able to use to comment in as well.

I’m a monthly/annual/semester member, can I take livestream classes?
Yes! Livestreams are treated just like in-person classes, so an unlimited membership provides unlimited livestream classes. If you are on a limited pass membership, taking a livestream class will count toward your classes for the month.

I have a 10 class pass, can I take a livestream class?
Yes! Each livestream class you take will count toward your classes on the pass.

Can someone else do a livestream class with me?
Not unless they’re a member or have paid for it. Livestream classes are just like in-person yoga classes. We cannot offer them for free.

I have another question. 
Email us at! We’re happy to answer and help you get start with livestream classes.

Livestreaming Included

Grab a $30 Intro Special & Livestream Classes Are Included