M3 Fall Bingo Challenge

We have a tradition of playing Bingo at M3Yoga and this fall is no exception! Enjoy this spooky themed challenge and push yourself to try new things and mark off your squares! Whether you’re practicing in studio, at home, or a mix of both, you are eligible to play and win! M3 Fall Bingo runs October 1-31

How to participate:

  1. Starting October 1, pick up an orange Bingo card at the front desk and write your name in the white box. Then hang it on the designated wall in the studio.
  2. Start marking off the squares! As you hit a milestone or complete one of the challenges, mark it off in the goal of getting as many bingos as you can.
  3. At the end of the month, we’ll check your card, then you cross your fingers that you’re one of our lucky winners!

How to win:
You’re entered to win once for every bingo you get. Fill your entire card and you’re entries are doubled!

Prizes include: free 3 month memberships, yoga gear, M3Yoga retail credit, event tickets and much more! We’ll be drawing prizes the first week in November.

Note: Even if you don’t get a bingo, if you get at least 3 squares marked off you’re entered once!

Get your Bingo card hereĀ