M3live Community Check-ins

Starting the week of March 23, we are going to be doing weekly M3live community check-ins, where you can sign into Mindbody and be looped into a virtual call so we can check-in and see your shining faces and hear each other’s voices and continue to foster a sense of community that we all desperately need to continue to cultivate right now.

These are not yoga classes but rather a way to share our struggles and also our triumphs. You can ask questions, vent, laugh, share yoga success stories and ultimately, connect with us and each other. Think of it as an M3 potluck without the food in your own house 😉

We also will be doing Instagram and Facebook live videos many times a week so we can check-in with you all. These are difficult times for us all and we want to be a pillar you can lean on, even while separated.

The one we did on Instagram a few nights ago ended up to be a conversation about RuPaul’s Drag Race and Britney Spears (can you guess who hosted it? 🙃)