M3live virtual classes launching March 23

Starting March 23, we are launching M3live, daily livestreamed classes that you will be able to login to Mindbody and the M3Yoga app using your existing passes and take class with our favorite M3 instructors. Look for a follow up email later this week with details in how to do this.

These classes will be livestreamed a few times a day so you can get your yoga in with a teacher guiding you live. It helps you be accountable and consciously set aside time to take class and get in yoga. It’ll be simple and easy to use with a simple click getting you on your mat with us.

M3live will include a variety of classes and instructors. It’s yet another way we can connect with you. A way that, honestly, is as close as we can get to being with you in the same room for now. This is a way to innovate. And on the bright side, it allows us to put 100 people in a class now. No more waitlist? 😂😂

Please let us know times you’d like to see live virtual classes taught, as we know many people’s schedules and lives have changed drastically in the past several weeks. We’ve got a super short survey here to help us best serve you via livestreamed classes.