M3online membership launched

Our M3online portal is free for all monthly and prepaid annual/semester members.

For those of you who are not members—the countless people who have moved, had your lives abruptly go online, are on intros or class passes and have asked for access to our online content—we have developed an M3online only membership subscription option for $22/month per household.

This gives you unlimited access to our class library that grows every day. This monthly membership rate also helps M3Yoga stay in business and supports us paying the teachers who are filming for you.

By the end of the week, we will have more than 50 video classes in the portal along with audio classes and M3 instructor recommended playlists to go with your home practices. And we’re committing to adding more all the time.

To purchase the M3online membership, use the M3Yoga app (memberships tab), click here or click here. Once you purchase it, you’ll receive an automated email with the current password (which will be changing regularly). Members, if you haven’t received the password from us yet, hit reply and we’ll send it your way. 

Our studio has always been built on convenience and variety, and M3online is the digital embodiment of those pillars.